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Why You're Stuck And The Transformation You Can Have!

Let's talk about why you're stuck in a cycle of wanting to make healthy changes, and yet you keep turning to pizza, packaged food, sweets, or out of control snacking. Then we'll focus on the amazing transformation that's possible for you and how to get there!

Right now, you want to make healthy changes. And you probably know that there's healthy food that you do enjoy. You also know it does feel really good when you're eating that food. So why do you keep turning to the options …

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What You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting Heath Claims

intermittent fasting

I want you to get the results you want in your body without being confused about all of the options out there. Today we're talking about what's going on behind the amazing headlines and health claims of intermittent fasting (IF). I want you to be able to decide if IF is truly something you want to experiment with or if there are better options.

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There's a difference between what's statistically significant versus actually significant to you.

One of i…

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How I Went From Hating to Loving Yoga

Lots of people think that healthy living has always come easy to me. They assume that I'm just naturally small, I've always loved working out and eating healthy, and that I'm naturally flexible. Totally not true! I actually hated yoga for a very long time and was completely inflexible. Today I'm sharing the path I took from hating to loving yoga. You could be next! ;-)

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Ready to start your yoga journey? Here are a few resources to get you jumpstarted:

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3 Things Missing From Intermittent Fasting Studies

intermittent fasting

There's no shortage of studies or headlines proclaiming the benefits of intermittent fasting. A quick Google search will leave you believing that's absolutely the answer to all your health woes. While there are absolutely appealing potential benefits of IF, there's still a lot we need to learn. Today we're talking about 3 things that I wish were addressed more with the studies being done on intermittent fasting (IF). (For the video version, skip to the end!)

1. Happiness levels

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How To Become A Runner (Even If You Hate It)

how to get into running

It's easy to think that those crazy people who just bound out the door for a run at 5 in the morning were born with that kind of enthusiasm. But that's typically not true! I fell in love with running after high school when I realized you don't actually have to feel like you are dying the entire time. Today I'm sharing my journey and some tips to help you get jumpstarted.

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My Top Tips To Start Running

Slow Down

Seriously! You can slow down. You don't hav…

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Why Our Society and Food System Are Messed Up

weight loss

Our society has a messed up relationship with food and it's setting you up to fail. Let's talk about why you're stuck in this cycle of having low energy, not loving the way you feel in your body, and feeling like the only way out is to have a ton of self-discipline and willpower. Okay? (For the video version, scroll to the end of this post.)

Right now, you are constantly bombarded with two contradicting messages:

  1. Food is a reward, enjoyment, and how we connect with others.

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How Meditating Changed My Life (Even Though I Hated It)


Don't think meditating is for you? I get you! I was like that for 30+ years. :-) If you're like me, you have either completely dismissed it as something you're not even interested in OR you tried it but "couldn't do it" because your mind was racing.

But it turns out you don't need to have a calm, clear mind to experience the benefits of meditating. In fact, if you're having a tough time clearing your mind, that's a sign meditating is exactly what you need right now! Today I'm sh…

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Think I Always Ate Super Healthy? Guess Again!

eating super healthy

So many people assume that I’ve always loved eating super healthy and that I could eat whatever I want and still be small. That’s actually not true! I know exactly what it’s like being used to foods like Eggos and Pop Tarts for breakfast, Cheez-its for snacks, and chicken fingers and french fries for dinner out. I also remember the first time I actually started looking at food labels - yikes.

It’s easy to assume that people who look like they effortlessly maintain a healthy life…

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10 Minute Dinners When You've Done Zero Prep

One common misconception and excuse I hear a lot is that eating healthy takes more time. Likely that comes from the idea that you have to be spending hours meal prepping in order to turn to healthy options, but that’s totally not true. If meal prepping is something you enjoy, fantastic! But for a lot of my clients, they’re busy and need fast nourishing options to turn to without spending a ton of time in the kitchen. I completely get that!

I’m balancing two careers that I love, but that…

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The Simple But Powerful Exercise For Finding Balance: The Circle Of Life

finding balance

This is a sample lesson from my Game Changer program.

This is a fun little exercise that seems simple, but it’s a hugely helpful tool for looking at how everything in your life is connected and identifying opportunities for decreasing stress and supporting your energy and sanity.

Every time I do this Circle of Life exercise, I go into it thinking that it’s not going to be helpful because I already know what my circle will look like. And every time, there’s something about my circle that …

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