4 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Have Reached Burnout As A Veterinarian


I was in denial for a long time before I realized I was burned out, I think mostly because I believed I was doing everything “right”.

Here are 4 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Have Reached Burnout:

1. I took a year off in-between undergrad and vet school to make sure I still wanted to be a veterinarian.   

I knew vet school was going to be hard and expensive and since I had wanted to be a vet since I was 6, I wanted to make sure it was what I actually wanted and not just the career path I had alwa…

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Break The Norm, Be A Unicorn: Creating Positive Change in Vet Med and Our World


If you’re not cool with the current state of vet med or our world, hi and same. 💗

That’s why I’m all about breaking the norm and being “a unicorn”.

What's a "unicorn"?

A unicorn is someone (or something - like a vet hospital) that’s breaking the norm and leading by example to be the positive change we need in this world.

The norm is to be unhappy and unhealthy. People notice unicorns because they have a different energy and use challenges as opportunities for growth + change.

I love a good …

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Ep. 72 | Burnout Recovery for Veterinarians: 6 Essential Questions to Get Your Energy and Life Back


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Welcome to the Life Boost with Amelia podcast where we're changing the narrative around what true health and success look like- they should give you energy, not drain it. I'm your host, Dr. Amelia, multi-passionate integrative health and life coach, entrepreneur, and recovered burnout veterinarian. Together, we'll explore the science behind how your brain and body work, including the unconscious mind, while also connecting with …

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4 Steps To Beat Burnout In Veterinary Medicine


As a recovered burnt out veterinarian, certified integrative health + life coach, and unicorn vet hospital consultant, I know what it takes to fall back in love with the vet med and to follow your heart + try something new - even when that feels scary. My unique training, holistic approach, and experience working in general practice, urgent care, and relief in a variety of settings has allowed me to see solutions for a profession I once wanted to escape from. If you're feeling stuck, I get it an…

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4 Tips That Helped Me To Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Do you ever experience imposter syndrome? 

For years as a veterinarian and then again as a coach and entrepreneur I experienced imposter syndrome. I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough and didn’t belong. 

When I looked around, I felt like everyone around me was so much smarter and talented than I was. 

And you know what? That was total BS. I was actually doing a really amazing job.

I had worked hard to get where I was and I belonged right where I was.

The only part of me that didn’t …

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Monday Morning Pep Talk Because You've Got This


Here's a little pep talk for the start of your week, because you've got this!

How’s your brain filter today? 

Do you have your “ugh it’s Monday and I hate everything” brain filter or “it’s the start of a new week and there are unexpected positive moments waiting for me” kind of brain filter? 

Your brain will show you proof that supports your thoughts. What do you want to be noticing this week?

If you’re feeling anxious, that’s because your brain is probably replaying one hypothetical worst-c…

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Why Self Care and Rest Aren't Happening Even Though You Know You Should


Most self-care and "prioritize rest" messages are missing this super important detail:

If you're a high achiever who has always been praised for your productivity or you're the one who always takes care of everyone, rest and self care aren't going to feel good. They will feel "bad" and unsafe. 

In order to truly start prioritizing rest, we need to talk about the discomfort that is part of the process of starting to put yourself first instead of expecting it to feel amazing.

During my lunch br…

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Vet Med Talk: You Just Made A Mistake That Harmed Your Patient And The Guilt, Sadness, And Despair Is Crippling. Now What?


First, let’s take a sec to release a bit of that pressure cooker situation you have going on inside of you.

Take a deep breath in, then breathe in a little bit more to fully expand your lungs and then let out a long, slowww exhale. (That's called a physiologic sigh.)

It’s going to be okay.


No matter how perfect you try to be, mistakes are part of the human experience. 

Isn’t it wild how little chemical reactions in your body can create such strong feelings? I know it doesn’t feel like it …

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Vet Med Talk: Tips For Thriving As A New Grad


First, congrats on making it to this point where you finally get to be a veterinarian! 

Freedom! 🙌🏻 Vet school is NO joke, and you have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get here. This is a new chapter. You finally get to start choosing how you live your life instead of having every step laid out for you.

If you don’t already know your core values, now’s a good time to identify them. They’re an awesome guiding light as you navigate life decisions to find a path that feels fulfilling.

For …

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Ep. 71 | Cool Things You Didn't Know About Gut Health, Thoughts On The "Hack Your Health: Secrets Of The Gut" Netflix Documentary, and How To Make Sustainable Changes


Show notes:

I have been meaning to make this episode about gut health for 2 years and it finally happened. 🙌🏻 I recently watched the new Netflix Documentary "Hack Your Health: Secrets of the Gut" and that was the motivation I needed to re-share an Instagram live that I did a couple of years ago that is packed with info that is going to surprise you when it comes to gut health. 

The reality is that most people are pretty hush hush when it comes to bathroom habits, which means most peopl…

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