The Life Boost (LB) Approach


I’ve spent a lot of time asking,

"If being healthy is supposed to feel good, why is the norm in our society to be sick, overweight, and/or unhappy?"

You can learn more about the answer to that question here:

Life Boost with Amelia yoga Maldive

That led me to the next question, "what are the key components to being healthy in a way that feels good AND sustainable?"

There are so many factors that impact the way you feel physically and mentally, but after years of experience, diving into the research, trial and error, and observations with myself and my clients, I’ve realized it can all be boiled down to 3 L’s and the 3 B’s - the Life Boost (LB) approach.

The Life Boost approach helps you to connect with your own unique body, mind, and heart to create a sustainable lifestyle that makes being healthy look natural - because it is. Remember - all aspects of your life impact your health and all aspects of your health impact your life.  It's all connected.

There's a chance a judgmental voice in your head is coming up with reasons why you're an exception and this approach won't work for you. That's totally understandable given the amount of misguided and contradictory information out there when it comes to health. But this approach is about YOU and it works. I can't tell you what will work for you (and neither can your friend, coworker, favorite influencer, or a random Google search), but I can help you to learn how to listen to and honor your unique body, brain, and preferences in a new way that helps you to feel nourished, energized, and free in a way you've never experienced before. 

In order to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you're obsessed with, you need to prioritize the 3 L's and balance the 3 B's. 

The 3 L's Are Key For A Sustainable Approach That Gives You Energy:

You need to love what you’re doing, the way it’s making you feel, and your approach needs to be loving and respectful to your body and mind.

Everything you do is motivated by a desire to feel good. If your approach drains your energy and is motivated by self-judgment, any results you get will be disappointing and temporary. You have to honor what feels good in your body, mind, and heart!

Your approach needs to feel doable and to fit in with your lifestyle.

My guess is you're busy and you don't have a lot of extra time. You approach needs to make your life easier, not harder, otherwise how are you going to keep it up long-term?

In order to achieve long-term results that you love, your approach has to be long-term, too.

You need to create a new norm!  If you view your approach as temporary and you plan to go back to your old ways, then the way you feel and your results will go back to the way you used to feel, too. 

The 3 B's Are Key To Feeling Good Inside and Out: 


It's impossible to achieve long term results that feel amazing without addressing the roadblocks and automatic patterns that are getting in the way.


If your blood sugar is going a roller coaster ride throughout the day, your metabolism, cravings, energy, mood, and so much more are going to feel out  of control. 


Gut health influences your metabolism, digestion, mood, immune system, stress, blood sugar, hormones...your whole body health! You need to learn to listen to your gut to thrive.

Curious what B's are out of balance for you?

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