Monday Morning Pep Talk Because You've Got This


Here's a little pep talk for the start of your week, because you've got this!

How’s your brain filter today? 

Do you have your “ugh it’s Monday and I hate everything” brain filter or “it’s the start of a new week and there are unexpected positive moments waiting for me” kind of brain filter? 

Your brain will show you proof that supports your thoughts. What do you want to be noticing this week?

If you’re feeling anxious, that’s because your brain is probably replaying one hypothetical worst-case scenario over and over like a never ending gif.

Not cool. Reminders 👇

1. I bet there are LOTS of scenarios that are far more likely. Have you thought of those? 

2. If you’re worrying that means it hasn’t actually happened.

3. Life doesn’t stay stuck on a moment. Moments happens and life keeps going and no matter what happens as long as you have your back, you’re going to be okay. Play that movie instead.

Your needs matter. 

It is not selfish to prioritize what you need and you should not feel guilty speaking up for boundaries that help to protect your energy and sanity. Speaking up for your needs and boundaries helps to strengthen relationships with people who respect you because it helps them to understand you better. The more you speak up for your needs, the more you can surround yourself with the people who deserve to be in your life. 

Your body is doing it’s best to take care of you.

What basic necessity can you prioritize this week (like water, real food, rest, sunlight/fresh air, movement, and rest) to help it to do its job supporting you?

It’s impossible to be a perfect human, so the good news is that you can take that off your plate.

There’s probably something that’s going to feel challenging or hard or that you wish went differently this week because that’s how life goes. That’s okay. Meet those with curiosity so you can learn and grow - that’s the key to being a happy and successful human (not perfection).

Have you reminded yourself that you’re a beautiful, deserving human today who’s doing a great job? 

Because you are. Life isn’t always easy, but you’re doing it. Sending you a fist bump - you’ve got this week. 👊💖

How are you feeling about the week? Did you need one of these reminders? Leave a comment letting me know.

Cheers to your health, happiness, and success,

💗 Amelia

P.s. Join my 6 month Life Boost Mentorship because I know what it’s like to wake up on Monday morning feeling exhausted and dreading the week and I can help you put an end to that.

Click here to learn more about the mentorship and then apply even if you think you’re too busy because that belief and self-sacrificing will make it impossible for you to get your energy back. 

I recommend spending 10-15 minutes per day on my Life Boost Mentorship program, and here’s why you do have time for that even if it sounds overwhelming right now:

⭐️ Those 10 minutes could be you just sharing what’s feeling hard and asking for support so that we come up with a plan that feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

You have access to a community forum so you can post questions any time. I bet you’re really good at taking care of others and not so good at prioritizing what you need. I’m here to call you out when you’re doing that.

⭐️Those 10 minutes could be listening to the audio of a lesson during your commute to work. What I share with you in those 10 minutes could totally change your mindset so that you experience the entire day in a more positive way. 

For example, maybe I remind you to check your brain filter so that you end up noticing that even though you thought they totally screwed you over with your schedule and it was going to be an awful, stressful day you notice that everything actually ended up totally working out, you had enough time with your clients, and you had a really rewarding case that made you feel proud. 

You start noticing that some of the stories your brain makes up about how awful a day is going to be aren’t actually true but do they do make your current reality less enjoyable. 

⭐️ Those 10 minutes could be closing your eyes for a brain break during your lunch break and listening to a guided meditation to release and let go of stress and negative energy from the morning. 

⭐️ And when you don’t carve out 10 minutes? That’s super valuable info, too! That helps us to start collecting data on WHY it’s feeling challenging carving out time for you so that we can come up with a strategy to change that. 

When you enter my mentorship program, there is no failing. I’m here for you. You deserve to stop telling yourself “things will be better as soon as…” and to start waking up grateful for the life you’re living today. 

Here’s what one client had to say:

It's been really wonderful being able to look at myself in a new way: how my brain is working and why it is doing the things that it is instead of that assumption that I'm not good at my job or this is all too much and that overwhelm. Instead, there's a reason behind those feelings you’re having. And you are good at your job and you are a good vet. And this is why you're feeling what you're feeling.

That spin was so helpful, because we can get so overwhelmed and down on ourselves. You feel like you're not enough because you've got your home life and your work life and you're supposed to take care of yourself too. And it's all these things and how do I manage? But then when you look at it from a new perspective, it's like this is what I'm feeling. This is how I can manage it, and it brings it more into perspective.

What surprised her about working with me:

What I noticed right off the bat and I appreciated was a place of non-judgment and meeting everybody where they were. I saw it for myself and also for the other participants. We obviously put enough judgment on ourselves, and to have somebody who is there saying ‘it's okay to be where you are’ was really nice. It's not this expectation of ‘why haven't you done this?’ and ‘why are you here?’ It's just like, ‘that's where you are. No problem. What else can we do to move this forward?


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