✨The Life Boost Mentorship Program✨

A 6 month self-paced program with group and individual support to help you unleash your most confident, energized, healthy self in a way that feels totally doable (even for your busy lifestyle) so that your journey towards health and success feels like a weight being lifted off your shoulders instead of a list of “shoulds” that are piling up and weighing you down.

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Hey high achiever with a big heart...

Are you tired of feeling like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel (working hard, yet exhausted and not where you want to be) and ready to start living a life that helps you to feel excited to get out of bed in the morning and in love with who you see when you look in the mirror?

The Life Boost Mentorship will help you do just that in a way that feels totally doable by using a holistic approach that uses a deep understanding of how your brain and body work while honoring what your heart needs. 🙌🏻


Right now, there's something you want to be different, right?


☕️ You’re tired of relying on coffee and energy drinks just to make it through the day and frustrated that when it’s finally time to fall asleep your brain won’t shut off.

😩 You’re tired of always feeling anxious and feeling like an imposter no matter how many achievements you have or how often your friends and coworkers tell you that you're awesome. 

😞 You’ve tired of getting home from a career you worked really hard to achieve feeling irritable and full of resentment and staying up later than you should eating and drinking things you regret and zoning out watching tv and scrolling on social media because you’re just trying to escape and have a moment of pleasure and peace before you have to wake up and do it all again the next day. 

🍟 You're tired of promising yourself that you'll eat better today and then feeling like you've failed again when you end up overdoing it with drinks and fries while out with friends because you needed it after the day you’ve had and the thought of ordering a salad gave you major FOMO

😵‍💫 You feel like you’re just going through the motions every… single… day… busy doing things that you don’t even really care about, constantly wishing you had time to start taking care of yourself (like dealing with those embarrassing GI issues) or to do the hobby you think would be super fun, and yet every day you end up promising yourself “tomorrow” or “as soon as things are a little less crazy” you’ll make time for it.   

🫣You're tired of looking in the mirror and only seeing the flaws and someone who should be doing better looking back at you.

It can be really overwhelming trying to work on any of these issues by yourself – especially when you're tired and it feels like you barely have time to breathe. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone!

The Life Boost Mentorship Program helps you to create the real, sustainable change you've been wanting so that...

😮‍💨 When you feel overwhelmed with stress and pressure you have tools and techniques that help you to pause and respond in a way that you feel proud of instead of impulsively reacting in a way that you regret - like snapping at your partner or eating way too many chips

☀️ You wake up naturally before your alarm goes off with enough time for a morning routine that leaves you feeling calm and ready for the day even if right now your morning routine is pushing snooze until you have to rush around in a panic

🙌🏻 You can be totally content going into work in the morning even if right now you sit in the car for a few extra moments dreading having to start your workday and you often lie awake at night from anxiety

💪🏻 You automatically choose healthy options - even when dining out with friends or after a long, stressful day at work - because you genuinely want to (zero willpower required) and you feel more energized, confident, and satisfied than ever before (even your frequent headaches and GI issues have disappeared), even if right now your sugar cravings are out of control and you’ve had a rocky relationship with your body and food for as long as you can remember.

🤩 You feel confident communicating your needs and navigating challenging conversations even if right now you often feel resentment and exhausted because you're always the one who has to take care of everything because people know they can count on you and you feel bad saying "no"

💗 You feel content and excited knowing that you’re on the right path towards living a life that gives you energy and a sense of purpose even if right now you have zero clue what you want to do other than knowing it’s not what you’re currently doing.


I've created the Life Boost Mentorship to help you get your energy + sanity back by freeing yourself from all of the "shoulds" and obligations that are weighing you down (even if you don't see how that's possible) so that you can start showing yourself and your body the compassion you usually save for everyone else.

I know you're used to doing everything on your own, but just because you can doesn't mean you have to. 🤍

Your journey to health and success should add pleasure, ENERGY, and fulfillment to your life, not drain them (otherwise it misses the point). That's why I've designed the Life Boost Mentorship program to help you to start feeling better TODAY while you work towards your goals instead of living in the self-sacrifice "things will be better once..." mindset.

👋  As soon as you sign up, you can say good-bye to that nagging feeling that you should be taking better care of yourself yet feeling too exhausted and overwhelmed to know where to start. 👋

 I'll be right there with you helping you to get your energy and sanity back one totally doable one step at a time.

I'm Ready To Start Feeling Better

Here's what's included in the Life Boost Mentorship:  

  • self-paced lessons that you’ll actually look forward to doing because they feel like a breath of fresh air as you're walked  through the process one doable step at a time (in as little as 10 minutes a day) 
  • a library of resources to support you with the logistics of making healthy changes + navigating overwhelming situations to save you time, energy, and sanity
  • weekly group coaching to help you overcome challenges as they arise and to efficiently rewire your brain to change the habits and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back
  • access to the community forum where you can ask questions and receive coaching whenever you need it and for community support, accountability, and a safe space to practice showing up as the unfiltered, raw version of you

What if a month from now people were already commenting on how much less stressed you seem?

“In the first month of working with Amelia, I have noticed drastic changes in my life, body, and mental health. Prior to working with Amelia, I was a burnt out, stressed veterinarian who would indulge in foods not healthy for me because I felt like I didn’t have time to cook healthy food. I’ve learned how to look at food labels and determine what foods would agree with my body the best. I’ve learned a bunch of new healthy recipes that I love and am no longer craving unhealthy tater tot’s or ice cream!

Before looking at my work schedule and appointments days before would give me anxiety, affect my home and sleep life if there was a difficult surgery on my schedule. I’ve now learned various calming techniques that I use on a daily basis to keep my stress at bay. I look forward to going to work again and being able to take on the day with a new mindset that does not bring negativity. My fiancé has even noticed my new mindset and seen how much my stress and anxiety has decreased since starting the Life Boost program!” -Katie (previous client)

Are you ready...

Are you ready to achieve the health and success you’ve been wanting in a way that adds pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life instead of sacrificing your energy and happiness because you keep promising yourself "things will be better once..." or “I’ll make time for me as soon as…” (which never actually happens)?


Are you ready to feel deep love and trust in yourself instead of feeling weighed down by self-judgment, shame, and all the things you think you “should” be doing?

Are you ready to consistently make healthy choices and take care of your body in a way you’re so obsessed with  that the thought of going back to your old ways seems totally unappealing (because it’s energizing, doable, and makes your life easier)? 


Awesome, because that's the kind of change you can expect!

I'm So Ready To Apply!

With my approach, we get to the root of what hasn't been working in order to create sustainable change that you love. When we work together, there is no bandwagon or “failing”:

"Everything else I have tried only lasted a few months/weeks. I would hop off the “bandwagon” and be back where I started. I know these changes are permanent and I am never going to go back to where I was 6 months ago because that is not the life I want to live. I am much happier and healthier with my life now!" - Katie

"I overcame the mindset that I had tried everything, nothing worked, and nothing will — with Amelia’s help, I have named my inner critic, helped compassionately tame her, learned to partner with my body and mind, and love myself so much better. And I have lost weight, which I never thought would be possible for me at this point in my life." - Sara

Imagine walking into the break room and genuinely not wanting the donuts staring back at you, because your sugar cravings have vanished, you have compassion and love for your body, and you’ve discovered how to fuel it in a way that leaves you feeling strong, nourished, and satisfied, and you know you can have a donut any time when you really want one.


Imagine feeling calm and confident at work because you know that you’re great at what you do and even when you encounter something hard or that you don’t know it's not a problem because you know how to calm your nervous system and you use those times as an opportunity to continue to learn and grow - something that you love doing!

Imagine that you actually have time to play in nature or to finally start watercoloring or to chill on the couch watching your guilty pleasure show with zero guilt, because you’ve learned how to protect and prioritize your mental sanity and energy so that you show up as your best self for the things that really matter (instead of feeling drained and resentful) which makes it so much easier to say “no” to things that aren’t a priority.


Imagine that you felt confident navigating challenging conversations with your partner, friend, coworker, or rude client so that instead of avoiding them or saying things you regret you could communicate in a productive way that left you feeling proud, empowered, and at peace afterwards. 

All of those changes are totally available to you, but you have to break the norm to get there. 


Client testimonial:

“I saw one of Amelia's posts on Instagram and it really resonated with me, so I started to follow Amelia. The information and things that were posted really spoke to me. I then started talking with Amelia via Instagram DM and she was so kind, patient and helpful. The Life Boost program sounded like it had everything I needed to move forward and figure out why I was so stuck for so long. The experience of working with Amelia far exceeded my original expectations. I figured she would just help me choose healthy foods and I would lose weight and feel good. Amelia's program is so much more. It has helped me to change my habits, thought patterns and the way I generally feel about myself. There is some much information, tools and techniques in Amelia's program that you can always find something to help in all areas of your life.”
Our world has normalized living in survival mode + numbing emotions with alcohol, “comfort” food, pills, and screens. And the hustle culture and diet and fitness industries have drilled the no pain, no gain mindset into you.
The combination of too much stress and unprocessed emotions combined with the pressure that you need to be perfect and if you just tried harder then you could get to where you want is a recipe for exhaustion and burn out.
That’s why the norm is to be sick, overweight, or unhappy.
The norm doesn’t work.
I'm ready to start an approach that does!

Our society has forgotten this one simple thing:

Being healthy and successful is supposed to feel GOOD.

If it doesn't, it's totally missing the point.

The desire to be more healthy or successful is ultimately because we think it will make us feel better in some way. Yet if the journey getting to where you want to be is draining pleasure, energy, and fulfillment, that is going to be what your life feels like.

Because when you get a promotion or like the way your body looks, life doesn't just freeze in that moment when everything is perfect and “all better”. As soon as one dream or goal is achieved, something will change. And ✨that’s what makes life fun and interesting and an incredible adventure ✨  IF you live in a way that focuses on how to make the journey enjoyable instead of delaying it in pursuit of that fleeting, mythical “after”.

The problem is that our society acts like there are only 2 wellness levels, and both of those are unappealing and uncomfortable. But there are really 3! In order to achieve Level 3, you have to know about it and believe it's possible for you (it totally is). 

The 3 Wellness Levels are:

  • Level 1: I'll Do It...Tomorrow
  • Level 2: The Bandwagon/The Pressure Cooker
  • Level 3: Life Boost

Let's take a closer look. Which one sounds familiar?


Level 1: I'll Do It...Tomorrow

In Level 1, life feels overwhelming and your idea of what "healthy" will entail seems too intimidating or exhausting. Level 1 feels safe, but uncomfortable.  Safe because taking on anything new feels like too much. Uncomfortable because you don’t feel good in your body and you always have a nagging underlying thought that you "should" be taking better care of yourself. To feel better, you promise yourself you’ll start tomorrow or as soon as ____”. You're afraid of failing or disappointing yourself.  

In Level 1, there’s so much pressure that it’s holding you down from being able to move forward. Your energy tank is empty.

Untitled design-5

Level 2: The Bandwagon/Pressure Cooker

In Level 2: "The Bandwagon", you're proud of all the things you're doing, but it feels really fragile. You rely on discipline and willpower, and you're motivated by self-judgement. You feel on track and successful, but it’s also exhausting and never enough. External things like the number on the scale, praise from others, or how much you accomplish in a day determines how you feel about yourself. "Cheating" on your healthy habits helps you to stay on track, because sometimes you need a break from "being good".

Level 2 is like a pressure cooker – you carry around the pressure as it builds up inside of you. You can’t stay in Level 2, because there’s only so much pressure you can carry and trying to contain it is exhausting.

Level 3: Life Boost

At Level 3, your healthy lifestyle feels natural. You live a healthy lifestyle because you WANT to, not because you feel like you should. You can never imagine going back to the way things were before – you feel more alive and fulfilled than ever. You no longer seek external validation, because you have a strong sense of self-worth, love, and compassion for yourself.

In Level 3, it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder and you can breathe again. You’ve released the pressure from the previous thoughts, beliefs, and rules that were weighing you down and holding you back so that you feel lighter physically and mentally. Level 3 GIVES you energy.


The Life Boost Mentorship program helps you to achieve Life Boost Level 3 one small doable step at a time using my LBC (Life Boosting Change) approach.

The LBC approach is different from other approaches, because you add pleasure, ENERGY, and fulfillment to your life every step of the way as you work towards creating the sustainable change you've been wanting. 

Prioritizing the 3 L's, balancing the 3 B's, and embracing the 3 C's is a game changer!

Prioritize the 3 L's For A Sustainable Approach That Gives You Energy:

You need to love what you’re doing, the way it’s making you feel, and your approach needs to be loving and respectful to your body and mind.

Everything you do is motivated by a desire to feel good. If your approach drains your energy and is motivated by self-judgment, any results you get will be disappointing and temporary. 

Your approach needs to feel doable and to fit in with your lifestyle.

My guess is you're busy and you don't have a lot of extra time. Your approach needs to make your life easier, not harder, otherwise how are you going to keep it up long-term?

In order to achieve long-term results that you love, your approach has to be long-term, too! 

In order for things to change, you have to be willing to change and to create a new norm!  If you view your approach as temporary and you plan to go back to your old ways, then the way you feel and your results will go back to the way you used to feel, too. 

Balance The 3 B's To Feel Your Best Inside and Out: 


It's impossible to achieve long term results that feel amazing without addressing your brain, nervous system, and the unconscious patterns, biases, and beliefs that are getting in the way.


If your blood sugar is going a roller coaster ride throughout the day, your metabolism, cravings, energy, mood, and so much more are going to feel out  of control. 


Gut health influences your metabolism, digestion, mood, immune system, stress, blood sugar, hormones...your whole body health. Listening to your gut is key for thriving in all aspects of your life!

Embrace the 3 C's To Move Forward Any Time You Feel Stuck Or Things Feel Hard:


Everything in life is more enjoyable and doable when you’re your biggest cheerleader instead of your worst critic. Regardless of your goal, at the root is a belief that it will help you to feel better about yourself. You cannot achieve true health and success without unconditional self-compassion.


Judgment stalls progress and smothers joy, curiosity opens doors to problem-solving and moving forward towards clarity on why something is feeling hard and what is going to feel better.


All aspects of your life influence all aspects of your health and vice versa. In order to problem-solve and create sustainable change that feels good, you have to look at how everything is connected.

All aspects of your life influence your health and all aspects of your health influence your life. It's all connected. That means if something in your life is feeling off, we need to look at the full picture in order to create the change you want. That's what we'll do during the Life Boost Mentorship.

What a client had to say about the Life Boost approach:

The way I would describe the Life Boost approach and the way Amelia works with someone is through changing your own thoughts about yourself and what you are putting into your body. Amelia is kind and patient and always has a way to help get you through to the other side of what you are going through. The Life Boost approach is very different than most programs. Most programs will help you with a specific thing you are wanted, such as weight loss or may exercise. This program helps you with all areas of your life. It helps you to stop falling back into old patterns and habits by learning how to change them. 

Now that you’ve seen the 3 Wellness Levels, can you see how the problem isn’t you or your body?

It’s a pressure problem.  

The pressure comes from beliefs and rules that our society and your life experiences have conditioned you to believe are key to your success. The thoughts and rules you’ve been taught are for Level 2 – the level that exhausts your energy instead of boosts it. That's why the normal approach to health and success is so deeply flawed. That is why it’s not normal to thrive.

Levels 1 and 2 are guided by what you think you SHOULD do. “Should” creates pressure and pressure is trapped energy. Think about it…

How does it feel when you tell yourself:

  • you should workout
  • you should eat better
  • you should be better at your job
  • you should say yes when you really want to say no

Notice the pressure you feel and the energy zap. That pressure is holding you back from the change you want.

In order to move forward, you need to release some of the pressure first so you can get some of the energy back. 

That's why I've designed the Life Boost Mentorship to feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders the moment you join. The first step of the journey is to start releasing the pressure that has been bottled up and weighing you down so that you can unlock energy to create the change you've been wanting in a way that feels good. 


Here are the steps I'll guide you through during your self-paced journey:

Step 1: The Game Changer

  • Instantly learn anti-anxiety tools that you can use anywhere to decrease stress and to start releasing the pressure you’ve been carrying around (think of the relaxation you get with a glass of wine without the hangover)
  • Learn tools to shift out of survival mode so that you feel more in control of your thoughts and actions instead of feeling impulsive and overwhelmed with worry, anxiety, and judgmental thoughts about what you “should” be doing and what you’re not doing well enough
  • Identify what specific aspects of your life have been draining your energy and adding pressure and what needs to happen in order for that to change so that you can support your energy
  • Identify personality traits that may actually be signs that you’re stuck in survival mode (like people pleasing, perfectionism, never slowing down, etc), learn how to stop those unconscious patterns, and explore and discover who YOU are outside of your roles and who you think you “should” be 
  • Get clear on what you really want (even if you have no clue right now) and how to move towards that in a way that feels doable so that you’re not wasting time and energy on all the wrong things
  • Naturally start improving all of the Life Boost B’s (belly, brain, and blood sugar) without even focusing on food or other healthy habits as you decrease your stress and start tuning into all of you - body, mind, and heart (you'll be surprised by how many healthy changes you start making because you genuinely WANT to not because you think you should)

Step 2: Changing Habits: The TAR Model

Learn how to change any habit (including patterns like worrying) with this 3 step process so that you can pave the path towards the life you’re manifesting

  • Become a pro at self-directed neuroplasticity (the ability to change your brain and powers) using a variety of tools like journal prompts, anti-anxiety tools, and mental rehearsal and self-hypnosis

Step 3: Nourish

  • Free yourself from food rules or thoughts about “good” vs “bad” food and discover a way of eating that leaves you feeling nourished, satisfied, strong, and energized instead of restricted, guilty, or out of control
  • Finally have clarity on WTH you should eat by tuning out all the confusing and contradictory health advice out there and tuning into your unique body, mind, and taste buds
  • Learn what meals give you stable energy throughout the day so that you feel focused and satisfied and watch how hanger, energy dips, and cravings start to disappear 
  • Become a pro at throwing together healthy meals that you love quickly without having to meal plan
  • Create a kitchen that sets you up for success so that even on a busy week when you don’t have time to grocery shop you still have easy, nourishing options you can throw together

Then you choose your own adventure depending on what you want to focus on next!


Life Boost Jumpstart

This program alone is $600!

  • Give your body a vacation from the foods most likely to be contributing to inflammation, food sensitivities/intolerances, low energy, and poor gut health to give your body a reset so that you have a baseline of just how good your body and mind can feel 
  • Gain a deep understanding of what specific foods work for your unique body and in what amounts so that you’re empowered with that knowledge and can decide when and if you want to eat have foods that don’t make you feel great
  • Ditch food cravings and reset your taste buds so that they’re much more sensitive to foods that are sweet (so that you’re satisfied with less)
  • Start to improve your gut health by supporting the good gut microbes you want


  • Dive deeper into the topic of gut health to have a deeper understanding of how your gut influences your energy, metabolism, immune system, hormones, digestion, mood, and more
  • Learn what you can do to optimize your gut health to support healing and whole body and mind health
  • Have all of your embarrassing bathroom questions addressed 
  • Learn if your bathroom habits are normal and signs that your gut may be out of balance even if you’re not experiencing GI signs
  • Narrow down causes of GI signs like constipation, gas, bloating, heartburn, and diarrhea to understand what changes you can try at home and what topics and questions to discuss with your doctor so that you feel empowered as your own health advocate

Blood sugar

  • Dive deeper into the topic of blood sugar to have a deeper understanding of how cravings, anxiety, low energy, hormone imbalances, weight gain, etc. can be influenced by it and how to optimize it based on your unique body
  • Learn cool tricks to stabilize your blood sugar to support your energy and mood throughout the day to help you to feel your best 
  • Learn the pros and cons of continuous glucose monitors and how to use one if you choose to


  • Identify what areas of your life are lacking boundaries (with yourself, environment, time, and with others)
  • Learn how to start establishing boundaries even if that feels really overwhelming right now
  • Learn how to overcome any challenges as they arise to help you overcome people-pleasing and over-filling your schedule so that you consistently support the boundaries needed to protect your energy and sanity to free yourself from feelings of exhaustion, resentment, and judgment 

Here's how my programs compare to others my clients have tried:

"It’s hard to compare because this program is so different. I’ve worked with therapists, nutritionists, doctors; no one ever focused on you as a WHOLE, as a body, mind and heart. And that was exactly what I needed."

"Everything else I have tried only lasted a few months/weeks. I would hop off the “bandwagon” and be back where I started. I know these changes are permanent and I am never going to go back to where I was 6 months ago because that is not the life I want to live. I am much happier and healthier with my life now!"

"It feels more sustainable. Instead of weight loss by sheer determination I'm desiring a healthier overall lifestyle."

"A lot more "mind" work in this program which is really important. 90% of it is mental and you get that right."

"Other programs I have tried in the past have helped me to lose weight by sticking to a strict meal plan, but as soon as I would go off of the meal plan, I would gain the weight back. Most of the meal plans were not something that could be sustained long term. None of the plans help to change your thought process or habits that you have created over many years. This program helps you to love yourself and in turn you want to treat yourself with respect, love and healthy nourishing foods and exercise so you can continue to feel good."

Here's what's included in the Life Boost Mentorship Program:

During your self-paced journey, you'll have individual and group support so that you're never alone in  your journey.


To help you overcome challenges as they arise and to efficiently rewire your brain to change the habits and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back. These are optional and recorded.


Self-paced lessons you can do in as little as 10 minutes a day that you’ll actually look forward to doing because they feel like a breath of fresh air as you add more pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life one doable step at a time. (Scroll down for a video showing you a glimpse.) There's even an app for easy access on your phone!


Ask questions and receive coaching whenever you need it on top of community support, accountability, and a safe space to practice showing up as the unfiltered, raw version of you.

Plus these exclusive bonuses so that you'll be unstoppable!

⭐️ Well-being assessments throughout to monitor your progress and to identify areas where you want to focus your attention

⭐️ Self-love month - a fun month of daily truth or dares that will help you to practice self-compassion while learning how to listen to your body and nervous system

⭐️ 30+ exclusive Life Boost nourishing, delicious recipes (with more always being added) like chicken pot pie soup, pecan pie amazeballs, black bean veggie burgers with pickled onions, smashed avocado, and butternut squash buns, power waffles, arancini balls, pan roasted chicken thighs and crazy delicious vegetables, and so much more!)

⭐️ Resources to create a kitchen that sets you up for success even when you're busy (shopping lists, food label tips, lists of my favorite products, lists of kitchen staples, and more)

⭐️ Tons of ideas for nourishing meal ideas that are quick and easy based on your preferences like a Life Boost flavor boost cheat sheet, cauliflower rice nourish bowls based on your favorite, ideas for preparing common veggies to find your favorite, and so much more!

⭐️ Lists of quick options for protein, snack, breakfast, and lunch so you can fuel your body and brain even on crazy days

⭐️ An "Overcoming Challenges" section to support you with navigating tricky challenging scenarios (ex: tips for staying healthy while traveling (including a grocery list suggestion), what do to when you feel like your food is “boring”, tips for nourishing meals the whole family will enjoy, tips for eating on busy days, and more)

⭐️ A library of anti-anxiety tools that you can pull up on your phone any time you need a reminder or support calming down

⭐️ Recorded meditation/self-hypnosis/mental rehearsals for overcoming obstacles, creating new habits, checking in with your body, mind, and heart, pain relief, healing and more

⭐️ A frequently asked questions section to answer hot topics like favorite non-alcohol alternatives, what dark chocolate brands don’t have heavy metals, is farm raised or wild caught seafood better, what’s the deal with gluten, and more

⭐️ More resources are always being added based on your requests!

Sounds amazing, I'm in!

Have you ever tried an approach that makes your life easier and more enjoyable?

Every step of the mentorship is designed to add richness and new perspectives to your life to motivate you for the journey ahead. As your mentor and coach, I’m here to call you out when you’re trying to add too much to your plate.  If you don’t want to do a project that exhausts you, let’s find a way to approach it that’s not!

Here's an example of what I mean:

You may be beating yourself up because even though you truly want to be making healthy changes you keep “falling off the bandwagon”.

First, when you ditch judgment and embrace curiosity there are no bandwagons to fall off.

Everything is valuable data for moving forward and learning about yourself. This just shows that there are two things that are important to you:

  1. You want to be more healthy
  2. There’s something about your less healthy habits that you don’t want to let go of

When we get curious about #2, we may find that when you eat healthy it takes way more thought and prep, and you don’t even really like the food you’re making. You’re used to throwing together your less healthy meals that you love, because it takes zero brain power and makes your taste buds happy.

When we take away the judgment, we can see all the really understandable things you want:

  • to be more healthy
  • to love your food
  • to not have to spend a lot of time throwing together meals

What if all of those could be true? That would be a lot more appealing, right? If you get to choose between easy delicious healthy meals that make you feel good versus easy delicious meals that make you feel crappy, sticking with healthy changes becomes much easier. That’s the Life Boost approach.

The mentorship combines mindset + somatic work to tame your nervous system and inner critic with self-directed neuroplasticity to rewire patterns that are keeping you stuck along with practical resources to help you with the logistics of making healthy changes every step of the way. PLUS individual and community support so that you're never alone in your journey! 

Here's a little tour of the private Life Boost website you'll gain access to as soon as you join.

You can also easily access it on your phone using an app!

This program is for you if...

✔   You can tell that stress in your life is taking a toll on your mental and physical health and you want a holistic program that looks at all aspects of your life and wellbeing together to get the root of what’s not working and to come up with a plan customized to your unique body, lifestyle, and preferences so that it feels doable (if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked this isn’t like any other approaches)

✔   You’re experiencing burnout or afraid you’re heading in that direction if something doesn’t change

✔  You want to have a loving and trusting relationship with yourself and your body instead of never feeling good enough and exhausting yourself trying to “be good” all the time

✔  You feel like there’s something missing in your life and you want support finding the life path that feels most fulfilling 

✔  You’re exhausted and you’re ready to start waking up feeling ready for the day without relying on multiple cups of coffee


This program is NOT for you if...

✔   You don’t want to commit to at least 10 minutes a day for a program that will change your life

✔   You want a health and fitness plan that has a one-size fits all approach, focuses on calories and the number on the scale, thinks that carbs are bad, and talks about “cheat meals” instead of an approach that focuses on how you feel physically and mentally, nourishing your body in a way that makes your body, mind, and tastebuds happy, teaches you to trust and respect your body, and doesn't require white knuckling and “being good”

✔   You only want to focus on work stress and you’re not interested in seeing how other aspects of your life or lifestyle factors like food, sleep, physical activity, boundaries, etc are contributing to how you feel

✔   You want someone who is going to tell you exactly what to do instead of someone who is going to empower and teach you how to change and rewire your brain and to understand how to listen to and learn from your unique body 

✔   You are looking for 1-on-1 support (if you are, fill out an application to learn about my 6 month program which includes 1-on-1 coaching calls and unlimited text and email support in addition to everything included here)

Client testimonial:

I cannot say how grateful I am to Amelia. Amelia and her program have truly changed my life. I am now happier than I have been in years. I will never be stuck again. I love who I am and will continue to listen to what my body, heart and mind need to feel my best and live healthy, happy life. 

Meet Your Coach + Mentor

Hi! I'm Amelia and I'm so happy you're here. ❤️ During a Human Design reading, I was told that people pass through my life when they need change or to find a new direction. If you talk to any of my clients, you'll find that's very true. If you're looking for a big change in the way you've been experiencing life, you've come to the right place. 

My name, Amelia, means "industrious' and that natural drive to work hard summarizes what led me to both the highest and lowest points in my life.

At my lowest point, I had achieved my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian and yet it felt like a nightmare. On paper, I had SO much to be grateful for, but in reality I felt miserable, exhausted, and full of regret. Despite doing what I thought was "healthy", I was experiencing weird signs like stomach aches that made me need to curl up into a ball, brain fog every afternoon, bloating by the end of the day, and no energy despite doctors saying everything was "normal". It may sound obvious that I was burnt out, but I was in denial for a long time. Especially because I used gratitude for the good things in my life to gaslight me into thinking this was just how it felt to be driven and "successful". 

At my highest point (where I am now!), I'm living a life that makes me excited to jump out of bed every morning - so excited I wake up at 4:30 am. I never would have believed the life I'm living was possible a few short years ago.  I've recovered from burn out and allowed myself to be the multi-passionate human that I am!


The difference between the highest and lowest points of my life was in the way I was treating myself. At the lowest point, I was my own worst critic and was exhausting myself trying to follow all the rules and doing everything I thought I "should".  At my highest point, I have learned how to partner with my body, mind, and heart in order to live a life that supports my energy even when I'm working hard chasing my dreams. 

It turns out when you follow all the rules that we're taught lead to health and success you lose everything that matters the most: your energy and the real you instead of who you think you're supposed to be.

As an integrative health and life coach, change worker, hypnotist, and recovered burnt out veterinarian, I've spent the past 18+ years gaining a deep understanding of how the body and mind work and learning how to problem-solve in a holistic way. When you work with me, you get all this knowledge boiled down into one simple step at at time.  

Education + Training:

  • Wheaton College - BA degree in biology + pre-med (2009)
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (2014) - VMD
  • VBMA - business certificate
  • Curacore - veterinary medical acupuncture 
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  •  Ethical Coaching Collective and International Association of Counselors and Therapists - certified integrative change worker and life coach
  • Center for Integrative Hypnosis - certified integrative hypnotist from the 
  • PQ program for coaches
  • Fear free certified
  • Additional courses and continuing education in gut health, unshaming, and trauma 
  • Endless books, podcasts, and research articles - every day I learn something new and I get to bring that into my coaching and programs

I created this holistic Life Boost Mentorship journey so that you can unleash your most confident, energized, healthy self in a way that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. 🙌🏻 I know what it's like to feel stuck and exhausted, which is why your energy and sanity was my top priority as I created this program that I'm confident will transform the way you experience life.

If life is feeling crazy and you want your energy and sanity back, here are 9 reasons why now is actually the best time to start the Life Boost Mentorship program:


1. If life is busy, energy is really helpful for getting through the day.

If you tend to postpone prioritizing your wellbeing for when you have more time, you’re really making your life harder than it has to be. As long as you live in the “things will be better as soon as…” mindset, you’re going to be stuck in survival mode (an exhausting, overwhelming place to be) and sacrificing the basic necessities that could be supporting your energy so that you’re not relying on caffeine to get through the day or feeling like a balloon ready to pop.

The first thing you’ll do in my mentorship program is start shifting out of survival mode so you can take a deep breath and think clearly. That will instantly give you energy back! We’ll also start addressing why you’ve been putting yourself last on your list of priorities.

2. You’re not supposed to be on your best behavior.

If you have a tendency to postpone healthy changes, it’s probably because you want to go all in and do it “perfectly” or because you see the healthy changes as unappealing.

This program is where you release the perfectionism that’s holding you back and making your life harder than it has to be. Let’s work with the real you, not the version of you that you’re pressuring yourself to be.

And let’s just make the healthy changes appealing! Being healthy is supposed to add pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life, so let’s make it fun instead of these end of vacation vibes you’re imagining.

3. If you wait until your life is less crazy to prioritize your wellbeing, you will never be supporting your energy and sanity when it’s most important.

When you wait to make healthy changes until it’s the “perfect” time, they’ll be the first to go when life goes back to normal. When you set yourself up to fail like that you probably judge yourself hard because you “fell off the bandwagon”.

In this program, there is no bandwagon to fall off. The times when you feel off track are actually the most valuable to identify what isn’t working and what you need instead. Let’s identify how you can prioritize your energy and well-being in a way that’s doable for your busy lifestyle so that it’s sustainable and realistic for real life.

4. You have at least 10 minutes a day, which is all you need to start making life feel more doable.

Since you’re reading this, I know you have at least 10 minutes in your day. Imagine if you swapped 10 minutes of scrolling on your phone or computer for 10 minutes checking in with yourself, decreasing stress, and connecting with how to make your life feel more doable.

The mentorship program is a self-paced journey, and I walk you through one doable step at a time so that you don’t have to use brain power trying to figure out what to do next. And so you don't get overwhelmed with all the misguided information out there like this totally inaccurate headline. You can access the program on your phone, and each step will share a tool, concept, or story that will help you to start creating the change you’ve been wanting in a way that feels doable. 🙌🏻

5. If you can’t commit to a weekly group coaching call, that’s totally fine.

There are a variety of ways I support you during this program depending on your unique needs and preferences - the group coaching calls are just one way. You can also receive coaching and support by posting in the community forum any time. There are also individual check-ins as you work through the program so that I can make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

The vibe for coaching calls is to come as you are - dirty scrubs, feeling like a hot mess, no bra - whatever. They’re a chance to receive 1-on-1 coaching which is really helpful when you’re feeling stuck or when you want to quickly rewire your brain and change the way you’re feeling about something. You can attend as many or as few as you want. They’re also recorded so you can listen any time!

6. You’ll have a community to cheer you on and to help to keep you accountable for doing big scary things - like sticking up for your boundaries or having the intimidating conversation you’ve been putting off - so that you actually do the things that will make your life more comfortable.

Having a community who is there to celebrate with you and remind you that you’re awesome and did nothing wrong is the best cure for that inevitable success hangover (that feeling when you do something big and awesome, feel super proud for a moment, and then feel super guilty and replay and second guess everything that you said). You’ll also have support with how to navigate those convos in the first place so you go in feeling prepared!

7. I provide resources to help with the logistics of making healthy changes to save you brain power and time.

Healthy, yummy food doesn’t have to take more time and effort. The part that takes the most effort is changing what you’re used to and then coming up with new ideas of what you should make instead. I do that work for you. You’ll have tons of resources like exclusive recipes, lists of my kitchen staples, and tips for throwing together super quick nourishing meals without spending time meal prepping.

Want ideas for an easy breakfast based on your preferences? Ask in the community forum, and I’ll share the resources that will be most helpful (or create a new recipe just for you).

8. When life feels crazy, you’ll have a safe, supportive space where you can vent and receive guidance to help you feel better whenever you need it so you don’t stay stuck feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

I know you’re really good at doing everything on your own, but it’s nice to not have to. You can get help, support, or vent by posting questions or sharing what’s feeling hard any time in the community forum!

9. We address all aspects of your life (health, relationships, career, home life, etc), because that's the only way to address the root issues of what's feeling hard and to create sustainable change. 

All aspects of your life influence all aspects of your health, and all aspects of your health influence all aspect of your life. They are all connected. The problem with most approaches is that they only focus on one thing, and that often ends up adding stress to other areas of your life and misses the real issues in the first place.

Ex: You feel like you should get back into working out consistently because you know you're going to be indulging over the holidays and that it helps you to relieve stress, so you commit to going to the gym after work. But that just ends up adding one more thing to your already packed schedule, stresses you out, and becomes something that you dread because you're exhausted by the end of the day. It starts to negatively impact your relationship, because by the time you get home you're hangry and say things you regret. 

If you were in the Life Boost mentorship, we'd address WHY your schedule is so full and stress is so high in the first place:

  • We'd address the people-pleasing or perfectionism that's leading you to over schedule and help you to start creating boundaries to protect your energy.
  • We might find that you're stuck in flight mode and that while you think intense workouts are what you need, you really need chill time and something much gentler and doable like a walk (which will help to improve your cortisol which will improve your blood sugar and gut health which will positively impact your metabolism, hormones, immune system, and mood).
  • And we'd find that the reason you tend to overindulge during the holidays is because you tend to put so much pressure on yourself on top of it being an extra stressful time of year at work and food is the only moment of pleasure and comfort you get.

Rather than making your life harder, we'd look for opportunities to decrease your stress, increase your energy, and make your life easier before adding something like a workout routine, so that you're actually excited to add it in when it's time.

This mentorship changes the way you experience life. ✨

Quick FAQs

Have a question you don't see? Send me a message at amelia@lifeboost.today

If you want to create sustainable changes, you have to make changes that fit in with your realistic lifestyle not when everything is perfect. This program gives you the tools to manage stress when things are overwhelming and to get to the root of why things are feeling hard. “How am I making my life harder than it has to be?” Is a question to ask throughout this program. You will experience huge changes in the way you feel about even if you swap 10-15 minutes or social media or tv time for 10-15 minutes in the Life Boost space.

If you're not ready to commit to 10-15 minutes per day, I recommend starting with the Self-love month.

Nope! The coaching calls are totally optional. If you’re not able to attend the live call, there will be a recording you can listen to at your convenience if you wish. You can also post questions in the community forum if you’re not able to make the calls. Even if you don’t have a question or topic you’d like to be coached on, I highly recommend listening to at least some of the recordings. There is always something you can take away from hearing someone else being coached!

That’s totally fine! This journey is about you and there are a huge number of resources to support you in all aspects of life. This mentorship exposes you to lots of concepts so that you decide which approach feels right to your unique body, mind, and heart. I do encourage you to go in with curiosity and open mind and curiosity to make the most out of this program.

The 6 month mentorship program is $1,500 or there is a monthly payment option of $290/month. 

I'll review your application and then be in touch. If it sounds like my program is the right fit for you, we'll schedule a call where I can address any questions you have. Starting this journey should feel like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. 

If the Life Boost Mentorship is the right fit, you'll be able to get started as soon as the payment is made! You’ll receive a welcome email showing you around and you’ll instantly have access to the first lesson. Hint: It’s a crazy simple anti-anxiety tool you’re going to use ALL the time! 

You will have access to the Game Changer course for life! That's a course that you will want to continue to revisit, because as you evolve and as life changes you will get something new out of it every time. 

For the other resources and courses, you will have access to them during the 6 month mentorship. I’ve designed the program so that you unlock one lesson and course at a time - that way you’re never overwhelmed with where to start.

You will also instantly have access to resources like exclusive easy nourishing recipes, tips on how to create satisfying, nourishing meals, stress relieving techniques, guided hypnosis recordings, and more to support you along your journey.

Nope. This program is the result of me making my life harder than it has to be for the first 30 years of my life, becoming a veterinarian, experiencing burn out, going on my own slow journey of recovery and self-discovery, research including reading TONS of books and scientific articles, doing a whole lot of inner work, slowly figuring out what I actually wanted, becoming a health coach (a 1 year program condensed into 6 months), learning how to tell my helicopter parent nervous system to chill, investing in myself (repeatedly), trying to figure out how to start and run a business, making lots of mistakes, learning from those mistakes, doing more inner work, researching SO much, doing a whole lot of trial and error, becoming certified in integrative change work and hypnosis, taking tons of additional training and workshops, and SO MUCH MORE. 

You truly can’t get this info and approach anywhere else.

You’ll have weekly group coaching, community support in a forum where you can post questions or receive coaching individually from me, and feedback from worksheets that you submit throughout the program so that I can give individual recommendations depending on your feedback. 

During group coaching calls, multiple people are coached one at a time. You can come to the call with a question or challenge you’re facing and you’ll receive 1-on-1 coaching so that you have clarity on how to move forward in a way that feels good.

Yes, my 6 month 1-on-1 Life Boost program is perfect if you are looking for individual support. This includes 6 months access to everything included in the mentorship program in addition to 16 1-on-1 coaching sessions and unlimited text and email support.

There is also an option to schedule an individual 60 minute 1-on-1 session for $200 during the 6 month mentorship. Limited space is available.

I'm so confident that this program will truly change the way that you experience life in the most liberating way that I have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you commit to following the program (spending at least 10-15 minutes each day doing a lesson or exercise and utilizing the community forum and/or group coaching calls to reach out for support and for help problem-solving any time something is feeling hard) and at the end of the program you truly don't feel like it was worth the investment, I will refund every penny. 

Your success and satisfaction are very important to me. Part of this program is about letting go of people-pleasing, and this space is a great place to practice that.  I encourage open dialogue and feedback at any point during the program if you are unhappy with the experience so that we can get to the root of what isn’t working for you and identify what needs to happen to create a positive experience. When you sign up for the mentorship program, you are making a commitment to yourself to prioritize what you need to create the change you've been wanting and ultimately that requires you to choose to make time for you. In order to keep you accountable and to help you to work through the parts that feel hard rather than give up, that's why I require that you demonstrate that you have prioritized making time for this program and the change that you want in order to be eligible for a refund. ❤️

The Game Changer program is basically a sample of the 6 month mentorship. The Game Changer is the first course that you will have access to in the Mentorship, because it is the foundation for creating positive change, getting to the root of why things haven’t been working, and having clarity on what you want (including unconscious desires you may not be aware of yet!). It includes one month of weekly group coaching calls and access to the community group. If you’re not sure that you’re ready to dive into the 6 month mentorship, the Game Changer is the perfect place to start.

You will need to apply in order to make sure this program is the right fit for you.

If it's a good fit, you just need yourself, a desire to create positive change in your life, and a willingness to try new things and to let go of old beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you. For the best results, you should be ready to commit to at least 10 minutes a day towards doing a lesson or putting an exercise into practice (we'll talk through this before you sign up).

Integrative change work feels like magic, but it uses a variety of evidence-based techniques (from modalities like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), EFT,  and hypnosis) to change patterns and habits at the unconscious level. It’s seriously the coolest. 🤩 The best part is that it’s fun and conversational.

Little side note: If you see the word “hypnosis” and it makes you a little uneasy, it’s important to note that integrative hypnosis isn’t like the stage hypnosis that probably comes to mind. You are always in the driver’s seat and in control. And, if for whatever reason you don’t want to try hypnosis, that’s totally fine - it’s just one of many tools we can use and each session is all about finding what works best for you! 

Integrative change work is about empowering YOU with an understanding of how your brain works and equipping you with tools to understand how to calm your nervous system, identify unconscious patterns and habits that aren’t working for you, and to reprogram your brain so that you can create the change you want on an emotional, physical, and mental level. Let’s go over an example!

Here’s an example of what integrative change work can look like…  

Say that you’re always anxious and you’re starting to notice how much that’s impacting other areas of your life - you keep stress eating food that doesn’t make you feel good, you’re not getting enough sleep, and you’re starting to snap at your partner over things that aren’t a big deal. You decide you don’t want to stay stuck in this pattern, so you schedule a coaching session because the thought of having support and guidance to feel better gives you a big sense of relief. 

During our first session, you tell me all the things that are feeling overwhelming right now and you mention that you’re a “worrier”. ⭐️ That’s an opportunity for us to change that unconscious pattern of worrying! ⭐️

Saying you’re a “worrier” is a big generalization and it becomes part of your identity, which makes it really hard to change. Especially because you don’t consciously decide to worry - if that was the case, you’d just stop doing it, right?It’s something that happens automatically which makes you feel stressed and out of control. 

In reality, being a “worrier” isn’t your identity. There are just specific scenarios when your brain has decided it’s helpful to worry, so it has created that habit.Your brain LOVES patterns, because thinking consciously takes a lot of energy. Imagine if every time you drove a car, it was like driving for the first time because you had to consciously think about where everything is like the gas and brake pedal, blinker, review mirror, etc. That would be exhausting! Thankfully, now you’re able to do most of those things unconsciously so that you can cruise down the road, let your mind wander or talk to someone, dance, or even eat because you don’t have to consciously think about how to drive.

Habits are like little highways in your brain. In the case of worrying, your brain has just created lots of highways that all lead to the destination “WORRY”. In order to create change, we start to identify specific scenarios (highways) that lead to worry so that we can create a new neural path/highway towards how you want to feel instead - like it’s not a big deal or even confident.

So during the session, we talk about one specific thing you’re worrying about. You mention that you have a work presentation coming up that’s totally stressing you out. We have a conversation about it while playing around and using different tools and techniques to see how your brain and nervous system work and what helps you to shift out of that feeling of overwhelm. 

Magically that feeling of overwhelm that you were feeling starts to dissolve and by the end of the session, it’s hard for you to even connect with that stressed feeling at all because you feel so different. You’re actually pretty excited about it. That’s because we’ve offered your brain a new way to feel about it! Instead of work presentation → overwhelm, we created a new neural path of work presentation → excitement. 

Towards the end of the session, we may do a guided hypnosis to help you mentally rehearse feeling excited the morning of the presentation and then feeling confident and just as you want to feel while giving the presentation. This is a technique elite athletes use, because it lights up the neural network in your brain as if you were actually doing it to practice and help to prepare you. 

By the end of the session, you have several anti-anxiety tools to use so that if your brain starts to worry about something it’s not a big deal. You can put up a roadblock on that highway, calm your nervous system, and continue to create new neural paths towards calm instead of overwhelm. I also show you how to do self-guided hypnosis so that you can continue to do mental rehearsal every day at home. 

The more you use these tools and techniques, the more you reroute the highways that were leading to being a “worrier”. Instead of being a worrier, you feel empowered because your brain has stopped always playing out the worst case scenarios and even when you do start to worry, you no longer get caught in that cycle of overwhelm because you know how to change it. You just notice that it’s happening, you use a pattern interrupt to decrease your stress and shift out of that state so that you can do something more helpful instead. 

Pretty cool, right? This is why during my certification training, I kept saying to my husband, “I feel like a wizard”. It was just so mind-blowing how effective this is in creating change. Thanks to neural plasticity, your brain is VERY capable of rewiring and creating new automatic patterns that work for you instead of against you. Once you learn how, you’ll be amazed at how quickly things start to change! 

Don't spend another day postponing your health and happiness for a future that isn't guaranteed.

Decide TODAY that you're ready to start setting yourself free from the pressure that's been weighing you down. 

 The change you've been wanting is waiting for you - one doable step at a time. 💙

6 Month Life Boost Mentorship Program

$1800 paid in full or $330/month

I’m ready to create the change I’ve been wanting