How Meditating Changed My Life (Even Though I Hated It)


Don't think meditating is for you? I get you! I was like that for 30+ years. :-) If you're like me, you have either completely dismissed it as something you're not even interested in OR you tried it but "couldn't do it" because your mind was racing.

But it turns out you don't need to have a calm, clear mind to experience the benefits of meditating. In fact, if you're having a tough time clearing your mind, that's a sign meditating is exactly what you need right now! Today I'm sharing how I went from a total skeptic to meditating daily and how it was one of the most influential tools I added to my routine for happiness and success.

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Here are some other resources for stress relief and meditating:

What's your relationship like with meditating?


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