Why Stable Blood Sugar Is Key For Sustainable Weight Loss


Blood sugar is one of the 3 Life Boost B's (Belly, Brain, and Blood Sugar), because stable blood sugar is absolutely critical for achieving sustainable weight loss and epic energy in an enjoyable way.

Curious WHY stable blood sugar is key for sustainable weight loss. Let's dive in!

We live in a society where carbs are everywhere.

I’m not talking nourishing, real, whole food carbohydrates like quinoa, beans, or vegetables (yes, those are carbs 🥰) that come with a nice dose of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.

I’m talking about the ones you see everywhere: the grocery store, your office, and your pantry. The ones that used to be a plant in another life until everything beneficial was stripped out of it so that it could be packaged and preserved. Think cereal, bread, pasta, crackers, chips, and all those sweets. 

How many of your meals and snacks throughout the day have a lot of starches or sugars?

Does your day resemble something like this: Coffee with sugar, a bagel at breakfast, a “healthy” granola bar for a snack because you’re hungry mid-morning, a sandwich for lunch along with something sweet because you need to end your meal with something sweet, a banana for an afternoon snack to "be good" along with another coffee with sugar, and ending the night with a quick and easy pasta meal followed by tv while you snack on chips or ice cream?

When you constantly eat glucose in the form of starches and sugar, you overwhelm your body with more glucose than it was designed to process. Your body was designed to process carbs WITH their fiber for a slower, steady, manageable dose of glucose. Instead, simple carbs flood your body with glucose all at once because there's nothing left to slow it down. That overflow leads to damaged cells and inflammation which speeds up aging and generally makes you feel like crap.

That’s just the beginning! Any time you take in glucose, your body releases insulin in order to use glucose or to store it for later.

There are only 3 places your body can store glucose: your liver, muscles, and fat cells. Your muscle and liver have limited storage space, so if you’re constantly eating starches and sugar they’re likely at capacity. The one thing that can always expand: fat cells. 

If you constantly take in glucose all day, your body is constantly releasing insulin which keeps your body in fat storage mode (it will also start desensitizing your body to insulin which can lead to insulin resistance). Insulin tells your body: “Do NOT burn fat! We need to store it.”

On top of that, insulin increases the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and decreases the satiety hormone, leptin. That’s why you may always feel like you have to snack even if you’re consuming plenty of calories.

It’s not the calories that matter as much as what those calories are made of and what they’re doing to your body.

The best place you can start: Eat real whole food. Start one meal or snack at a time. Embrace protein and healthy fats to create balanced meals. And PLEASE ditch the 100 calorie snack packs and stop avoiding nourishing fats. 

Note: This does NOT mean you should follow keto or low carb diets. No. More. Diets. You can eat carbs and have stable blood sugar, you just need to learn what works for your unique body!

I’m here for you as soon as you decide you’re ready to ditch the yo-yo dieting for good. Just send me a message and let’s do this! 😊

Cheers to your health, happiness, and success,


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