Friday Favorites: Staying Healthy When Traveling

Happy Friday! How are you doing? It has been a whirlwind of a week returning home from my trip to Maine and Vermont and starting a new veterinary job (for greater flexibility with health coaching!). My trip to New England was everything I hoped for. It felt so good connecting with family, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying special treats like a lobster dinner and my dad’s amazing chili. Here are some of my other favorite things from the past couple of weeks:


Healthy Food Finds

Traveling doesn’t have to be a reason to ditch healthy habits. There was quite a bit of driving between Boston, Maine, and Vermont last week which meant a couple of pit-stops for meals in-between. I was thrilled to find two awesome spots with huge plant- and nutrient-packed bowls of goodness! 

The Green Room Paradise salad

On the way home from Logan, my mom, sister, and I met up in Portsmouth, NH and tried The Green Room. It’s an absolutely adorable fast-casual spot with an airy beachy-vibe and amazing menu packing with nourishing options.

I got the Paradise salad which was a giant bowl of local mixed greens, yellow and red bell peppers, purple cabbage, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted sweet potatoes, and a tahini vinaigrette (9 different plants!). I also added grilled chicken for a protein boost and optimal staying power. The photo is my sister's, because my chicken covered all the colorful veggies. 

B.Good Avocado and Lime bowl

On the drive home from Vermont, we stopped in Concord, NH at a B.Good. I was surprised at the number of awesome healthy options in Concord, but B.Good was an easy and familiar option for the whole family. B.Good has locations all over and a menu packed with awesome options. I love that their french fries are baked and not fried (the sweet potato ones make a great side to share).

I got the avocado and lime bowl, which came with good greens (a mixture of kale, brussels sprouts, and other leafy greens), avocado, black bean and corn salsa, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, a lime wedge, and cilantro lime dressing (10+ plants!). I left out the cheddar cheese. This was another huge, balanced, nourishing meal that left me completely satisfied with stable energy.

Want to know one of my easy tricks for finding healthy options quickly?

Open Google maps and use the “nearby” feature. Simply type in “healthy food” and a list of healthy options will pop up! Of course, many great restaurants that aren't categorized as "healthy" often have awesome options and aren't included in this search. But, this trick is the first thing I do when I need to find a nourishing meal quickly.

My Clients!

This may seem sappy, but I’m going for it anyway. I just love my incredible clients. It brings me SO much joy having the opportunity to work with each one and being a part of their journey towards feeling their best. Making the scary leap away from my stable veterinary profession (that I had dreamed of and worked towards since I was 6) and deciding to pursue health coaching was hands down the absolute best decision I could have made.  

A lot of the things I love about veterinary medicine mirror health coaching. I love problem-solving, the focus on health and wellness, developing relationships and building trust with clients, and helping people and pets feel their best. One major contrast: my furry patients don’t get to decide to work with me, my health coaching clients do. I’m so grateful each time I’m given the opportunity to be a part of a client’s journey towards discovering a whole new way of feeling amazing from the inside out.

This week, my clients are having such amazing wins, and I’m so incredibly proud of their progress and achievements. During my 1-on-1 programs, I get to know my clients really well. We text and email frequently in-between sessions so that they’re not just “clients”, they’re also special people that I’m grateful to have in my life. Coaching sessions always leave me feeling happy and energized. I pursued this career, because it’s a passion that “fills me back up”.

What are some things that energize you and fill you back up when your energy is low? Don’t forget to prioritize those!


New Scenery For Workouts

I was fortunate to find some gorgeous spaces to workout while traveling last week!

Maine porch workout space

My mom works out on her back porch most mornings, so she has a cute little basket of resistance bands and dumbbells all ready to go. My first morning, I did an Alexia Clark workout. I have been following her workouts for at least 4 years and I’m still not bored!

I love that the workouts are different every day, so that I don’t have to think about what I want to do. Her app makes following workouts super simple with built-in timers and GIFs with instructions for each movement. It’s the best $30/month I spend. She just started a referral program, so that you can save $5/month if you want to try it.

Vermont yoga  Vermont backroads

After spending lots of time in a car, I was ready to get my yoga-flow on Saturday morning. My aunt has a gorgeous home in Vermont and her space outside was perfect for a rejuvenating flow. The temperatures dropped, so it was in the 60’s with a crisp breeze that felt absolutely perfect. Afterwards, a group of us went for a walk on the backroads of Vermont. The entire walk was completely picturesque. 

The final morning, I created my own strength and cardio workout in this cute loft space that my cousin had just updated. How perfect would this space be for yoga?! 

Vermont loft

I had a very early flight back to North Carolina on Monday morning, so I didn’t have my typical workout to start the day. It would have been completely fine to skip it, but after so much sitting and traveling I knew I would feel better moving my body once I got home.

Despite knowing I’d be glad that I worked out, that doesn't mean I was totally in the mood for it when I got home. I know that would be the case. To reduce the friction and increase the likelihood I'd actually do it, I traveled in athleisure/workout clothes so that I could go straight up to my home-gym area when I arrived home. I often workout for about an hour, but I committed to doing 30 minutes. It ended up being a little more than that once I got started, but was exactly what I needed that day.

My New Free “Life Boost Weight Buster” Guide! 

This new free guide, “Life Boost Weight Buster: 7 Days To Uncover Your Weight Loss Roadblocks + What To Do About It”  is a Friday favorite for two reasons:

  1. I’m really proud of this guide, and I’m excited to offer it as a free, powerful tool for anyone feeling stuck when it comes to maintaining healthy habits. The 7 day guide will walk you through a simple exercise each day to help you uncover your roadblocks in just one week. 
  2. It’s finished! Haha :-) This was a labor of love, and my perfectionistic tendencies creeped in while I was creating this. This went through many revisions and do-overs until I condensed everything to a simple guide that I know will lead to really big light-bulb moments for you. This guide is all about problem-solving and getting to the root cause, which unfortunately is largely lacking when it comes to the health and weight-loss industry.

Now it's your turn! What things have been bring you joy this week? 


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