Why You're Stuck And The Transformation You Can Have!

Let's talk about why you're stuck in a cycle of wanting to make healthy changes, and yet you keep turning to pizza, packaged food, sweets, or out of control snacking. Then we'll focus on the amazing transformation that's possible for you and how to get there!

Right now, you want to make healthy changes. And you probably know that there's healthy food that you do enjoy. You also know it does feel really good when you're eating that food. So why do you keep turning to the options that you know are not as good for you? It's not your fault. That food is (1) designed for you to not want to stop eating it and (2) messing with your brain.

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This Is Your Brain On Processed Food

As you're living your super busy, stressful life that food you keep turning to provides a sweet blissful moment in your day. It's an instant dopamine hit. Every time that you turn to processed foods, it influences the way your brain is firing.

The Standard American Diet makes the part of your brain that acts on impulses (the amygdala) much more active than the part of your brain that allows you to think things through (the prefrontal cortex).

You're not thinking, "I know that this is going to taste good, but I probably won't feel good later. Since this isn't going to help me with my goals, I'm going to choose this healthier option I enjoy instead." Haha, no. Your prefrontal cortex is taking a nap while the amygdala has taken over. It's saying loud and clear "Yes! We need that treat right now! This is absolutely a good idea, you deserve this, give me that food."

So, that's what's happening in your brain. It's not your fault. As long as you're eating predominantly processed food, you WILL need to rely on willpower to resist that urge. That's miserable and really hard! It's also not sustainable to have to rely on obeying the rules and restrictions you've set in order to resist your cravings or the food that's tempting you.

Let's try something different!

Here's the transformation that can happen for you no matter where you are right now. You can slowly start changing the way you're fueling your body on small change at a time. Start finding real food swaps that are:

  • Just as quick and simple
  • That make sense for your lifestyle
  • That taste really good

The more you incorporate those real foods into your diet, the more you're going to change your tastebuds and change the way your brain is firing. That prefrontal cortex that's able to look at the big picture is going to get a chance to speak up.

As you make these changes, you'll be able to start listening to your body more.

You'll start noticing when you eat delicious nourishing food:

  • You have better energy throughout the day!
  • You no longer feel bloated!
  • You feel satisfied!
  • You have better focus throughout the day!

Those feelings are really addicting.

There's a pretty great snowball effect that happens when you start making little changes. And the changes can be small:

  • Drink a glass of water before your next diet soda.
  • For your breakfast, make one real food swap that you enjoy.
  • Go for a five minute walk outside before sitting down to watch TV.

Every time you make a little change like that, you're going to start experiencing some pretty great results.

And the more consistent you are with those changes, the better you're going to feel! And the better you feel, the more motivated you'll be to continue to make those positive changes.

You'll start to experience some pretty awesome side effects:

  • Suddenly you're not exhausted all day and you're starting to have a lot more energy. Starting to do that workout you keep telling yourself you're going to do finally seems doable!
  • After that workout you realize you feel super happy. You think maybe you'd like to do a workout tomorrow, too.
  • Then you tie that workout to something that you're already doing so that it becomes more of an automatic habit.

This is how you get the body that you want in a sustainable way.

It's how you break out of the cycle that you're stuck in. It's not your fault - you have been set up to fail.

  • But if you can make the decision that you want to change things...
  • If you're ready to have great energy levels...
  • If you want to love the way you feel in your body while also feeling satisfied and not having to rely on willpower...

If you can decide those things for yourself, then this transformation is so close for you!

Tired of trying to get results on your own? I can show you how to start this amazing journey. My speciality is helping busy professionals like you find delicious food that you love (I'm very good at that ;-)), that's super easy (no meal prepping required), and that works for you and your lifestyle. Let's get you jumpstarted with that snowball effect today. All you have to do is send me a message. :-)


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