Why Our Society and Food System Are Messed Up

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Our society has a messed up relationship with food and it's setting you up to fail. Let's talk about why you're stuck in this cycle of having low energy, not loving the way you feel in your body, and feeling like the only way out is to have a ton of self-discipline and willpower. Okay? (For the video version, scroll to the end of this post.)

Right now, you are constantly bombarded with two contradicting messages:

  1. Food is a reward, enjoyment, and how we connect with others.
  2. You need to have the perfect body. To achieve that, you can't eat the food you want to eat.

Not exactly setting you up for success, is it?

The majority of Americans are eating fast and convenient food. That often comes in the form of processed, packaged, or fried food often high in sugar (even if you don't realize it). That food is created in a lab by a team of experts. Their goal? To make sure that when you eat that food it achieves the "bliss point". Literally, they want you to not be able to stop eating that food. While the food tastes good, it's often void of any of the nutrients that your body actually needs to feel satisfied or to thrive.

You keep eating that food because (1) your body is craving it and (2) your body is confused. You're getting plenty of calories but none of the nutrients you actually need. Your body responds by craving more food to try to get the quality building blocks it needs to function.

So, it's true. That message that you need to rely on discipline or willpower to get the results you want is accurate if you're going to continue to eat that food. You'll have to cut calories, but you still won't feel satisfied or have good energy levels because your body still won't be getting the nutrients it's wanted all along.

Here's the good news. There's a door number two. ;-)

You CAN love the food that you eat, feel satisfied and energized, AND get the body that you want. Even more shocking? It can be a fun process! No joke.

I know that right now the message you get is that healthy food takes longer and it doesn't taste as good. That's certainly what those packaged food companies want you to believe. However, when you start to eat real food (the kind that comes straight from the earth, not a lab) you're going to find it can taste amazing. It doesn't actually take any more time. And it will finally give your body the nutrients that it needs to thrive.

When you make this switch you're going to start noticing some pretty amazing changes.

If right now you're reading this and thinking "I don't believe you. No way is that food going to be as good...I don't even want to try", that's fine! You don't have to try it. Just know that if you continue to fuel your body in the way that you are right now, you're not even allowing yourself to see how amazing you could feel if you were actually giving your body what it needs to thrive. Aren't you a little curious?

Here are three options for unlocking the key to Door Number 2:

1. Start small.

Today, think about one real whole food that you can start incorporating into a snack or meal that is going to help to fuel your body in a nourishing way. Use my free 7 Day "Life Boost Weight Buster" Guide to start looking at the food you are eating in a totally new way and to identify other areas that are holding you back from achieving sustainable success. 

2. Dive in Cold Turkey

If you're fed up with having low energy and not getting the results you want and you're ready to get jumpstarted, I've got you. My 5 Week Life Boost Jumpstart Program is designed to help you start listening to your body. I share all of my tips and hacks for fueling your body in a nourishing way that doesn't take a lot of time. There's also a happiness boost along the way. Remember how this is supposed to be a fun process?

3. Get Customized Guidance and Support While Getting the Life You Want

Are you really ready to revamp your lifestyle to set yourself up for long term sustainable results? If you want to love the way that you are fueling your body, to have routines that you enjoy that set you up for success, and if you want to enjoy the journey getting the results you've been wanting that's what my 1-on-1 coaching programs will do for you. I have very limited space for new clients, because I ensure it's a truly customized amazing experience for you. If you're interested to learn more, send me an email (amelia@lifeboost.today) and we can start a conversation to see if we'd be a good team to help you achieve your goals.

Which one of those options are you going to choose? Please don't decide to stay stuck where you are. I promise the grass is greener, the sun is out, and it's much more fun on the other (healthy) side. ;-)

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