Think I Always Ate Super Healthy? Guess Again!

eating super healthy

So many people assume that I’ve always loved eating super healthy and that I could eat whatever I want and still be small. That’s actually not true! I know exactly what it’s like being used to foods like Eggos and Pop Tarts for breakfast, Cheez-its for snacks, and chicken fingers and french fries for dinner out. I also remember the first time I actually started looking at food labels - yikes.

It’s easy to assume that people who look like they effortlessly maintain a healthy lifestyle and are confident in their body have always been that way. But all of those people you’re making assumptions about have gone through their own health journey. I had a LONG journey getting to the point where I am today: loving the food that I eat and feeling energized, happy, confident, and comfortable in my body. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that long for you! I'm sharing my personal story to help you see the transformation that's 100% possible for you, too.

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Here Are The 2 Main Things I Want You To Take Away From This Video:

Your taste buds change!

Your taste buds evolve and adapt - especially when you're motivated by wanting to feel a certain way. You have probably experienced this before, except in the form of alcohol!

Think of the first time you had a drink. Were you instantly in love with beer? Probably not, but you liked the idea of how it was going to make you feel, right? Likely you continued to drink it to continue to get the feeling you desired. And eventually, the taste started to grow on you.

Or maybe you never liked Bud Light. But you were motivated to try other types of beers and it turns out IPA's are your jam. Or maybe you still hate beer but you adore wine or a good cocktail. The same process works for nourishing food that's going to help you feel amazing in your body and mind! Don't drink? Think about your first cup of coffee..

Don't write off a food too quickly!

Just because you don't like food prepared one way, doesn't mean you should completely write off that food forever. You might just need to be introduced to a different way of preparing it!

My mom (who is a fantastic cook) used to serve very steamed zucchini and summer squash for dinner. I hated it! Something about the seeds and texture was completely gag-inducing to me. Fast forward to now: I consume an alarming number of zucchini and summer squash every week, because I absolutely love it. I still never make steamed squash, but I've found other ways to prepare it that I adore like spiralized, roasted, or pureed into soup.

There is an endless amount of nourishing food options out there. It might take a little experimenting, but as long as you're open to trying new things you'll be able to find food that both your taste buds and body enjoy.

With the Life Boost approach, the 3 L's are my priorities. You need to LOVE the things you're doing and love the way you feel, everything needs to make sense for your LIFESTYLE, and I'm only interested in LONG-TERM results. If you're ready to get started, my free 7 day guide is an amazing place to start working with your body and mind for sustainable success.

What's one food that you used to hate that you love now?


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