This Mistake Is Hurting Your Health, Happiness, and Success

Hi there! I'm here with some tough love today. That's because I want you to stop making this very common mistake so that you can truly start optimizing your health, happiness, and success.

The most common reason I hear for not sticking with healthy habits is that life got stressful and busy. And I get it! It's much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have time affluence. When you're not busy, you can plan out your meals and spend lots of time in the kitchen. You can go to bed on time, workout, and feel stress-free and on top of things!

But then life happens. Things get busy. Suddenly you just need to eat whatever you can grab. Optimal sleep becomes a joke, and a workout seems totally unrealistic as you watch your obligations piling up. It's easy to see why this happens, but letting those habits slide during those stressful times is such a big mistake.

The times that we're busy and stressed are the times that our body and mind most need nourishing support and fuel to continue to perform optimally. When we're busy we need to be on our A-game. Imagine if professional athletes suddenly abandoned their diet, sleep, and body work as soon as they made it to the Playoffs, World Series, or Olympics.

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So how do you maintain healthy habits when life gets hard?

  1. You need to create a sustainable system that works for your lifestyle - especially during those times when you're stressed and short on time. If meal prepping isn't realistic long term, then it makes more sense to have an arsenal of healthy options that you can grab on the go.
  2. You need to make healthy habits non-negotiable. Working out is an incredible pop-off valve for stress. It also helps with cognitive function and alertness on top of just feeling better in our body. See how ditching a fitness routine for a little more time to work leaves your poor, stressed-out self in a position to become even more stressed and less productive? It's completely reasonable to do an abbreviated workout, but don't abandon the tools (like working out, getting outdoors, dinner with family, meditating, etc.) that help to fill your cup back up. You can't afford to NOT do those things.

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this video:

  • Viewing healthy habits as your best weapon for making it through challenging times and is one of the most powerful shifts in perspective you can make for sustainable success.
  • In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle during stressful times you can start taking small steps now to create healthy habits that make sense for your lifestyle.

Not sure where to start? My free 7 Day Guide is the perfect place to start to uncover what's currently getting in your way and to identify the best first step for you!

Cheers to your health, happiness, and success!


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