The Top 2 Reasons You're Not Getting Sustainable Results

the top reasons you're not getting sustainable results

Do you wish you lived a healthier lifestyle but every time you try to make changes it never sticks? If you're stuck in a trap of yo-yo dieting or you can never seem to stick to a workout routine, today's video is for you. I'm sharing the top two reasons I see preventing people from getting sustainable results. Once you identify what's holding you back you can start making small changes to finally achieve lasting results!

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The Top Two Reasons You're Not Getting Sustainable Results:

1. You are thinking of these changes as temporary.

Being healthy is a journey and a lifestyle. It's not a destination where you achieve the results and then *bing!* you go back to "normal". If you want to have sustainable results you need to throw away the notion of quick fixes, diets, and deprivation.

You need to be ready to create a new lifestyle that allows you to achieve your goals by fueling your body and mind with the food, movement, and forms of self care that you enjoy and that allow you to thrive. When you do this, you create your new normal.

Being healthy is not something that you achieve and then you're done. Being healthy means respecting yourself enough to consistently choose to nourish your body and mind in a kind way that allows you to to feel your best. Spoiler alert: it feels really awesome when you start to approach health with this mindset.

2. You're not prioritizing yourself.

Are you stuck in the "want" or "wishing" phase? In order to move past the stage where you WANT to live a healthier lifestyle and to finally turn that into reality, you need to start taking action. In order to do this consistently you need to treat it as a top priority. Schedule time to eat a healthy breakfast, meditate, or workout into your day and treat it like a non-negotiable meeting.

Of course you have other commitments like a demanding career, family, and other daily obligations, but when you start prioritizing your health and happiness all of those other things will benefit! You'll have more energy to show up as your best self for your family, friends, career, and life when you're not sacrificing your health. Ultimately, you WILL achieve greater and more sustainable success when you start making time to take care of yourself!

If want to stop dreaming of living a healthier lifestyle and to getting results, you can start today. For complete clarity on what has been holding you back and what you need to start doing to get results (in an enjoyable way), start with my free 7 Day Life Boost Weight Buster Guide!


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