Are Imposter Health Foods Preventing You From Getting Results?

imposter health foods

Do you feel like you try to make healthy food choices but you're not seeing the results you want? Do you constantly crave something sweet? Do you struggle with low energy levels especially by the afternoon? If any of this resonates, I made this video for you! I also have a free gift at the end to help you to start seeing the results you want, curb your sweet tooth, and boost your energy. How does that sound?!

There's nothing more frustrating than really making an effort to be eating healthier and still having your clothes feel too tight and the number on the scale mocking your efforts. When you're putting in the work and not seeing results, it's easy to just give up. I mean, why feel deprived and eat food you're not really enjoying if you're not going to see results? I see you, and I'm here to help!

There's a good chance that even though you think you're choosing the most nourishing options for your body that some of these "healthy" foods are imposters. Today I'm going to give an example of how that "healthy" snack you chose might actually be candy in disguise instead of the nourishing angelic snack you think it is.

In the video, I share how my husband grabbed a Luna protein bar instead of a protein Larabar. They sound so similar and they're both in the same healthy food section of the grocery store. How different can they be? So different! It turns out the Luna protein bar is actually crazy similar to a Reese's peanut butter pumpkin. What?!

These are the main things I want you to take away from the video:

  • Starting to read food labels is the best way for you to quickly differentiate truly nourishing foods from imposter health foods. Relying on packaging alone can be very misleading and may be derailing your health goals.
  • You may be consuming way more added sugar than you realize! That adds fuel to your sweet-tooth-fire and contributes to energy crashes.
  • Reese's peanut butter pumpkins are magical and delicious. It's totally okay to enjoy a treat like that! But how terrible would it be if instead of eating the Reese's that you really wanted you were eating the Luna protein bar instead thinking you were being "healthy"? That's what I want to help prevent.

To help you start differentiating imposter health foods from truly nourishing options, I'm sharing a free guide! I created a checklist that has the three simple things I always look at on a food label to help me choose the best fuel for my body and mind. Looking at these 3 things takes about 10 seconds but can have a dramatic impact on your health, sugar cravings, and energy levels.

By using this as a guide, you can start to find swaps for the imposter health foods you love. For example, a protein Larabar is a much more nutrient-dense option compared to a Luna protein bar (even though they sound virtually the same). 

Get your free checklist to "Uncover Imposter Health Foods" here!

Cheers to your health, happiness, and success! <3


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