How To Become A Runner (Even If You Hate It)

how to get into running

It's easy to think that those crazy people who just bound out the door for a run at 5 in the morning were born with that kind of enthusiasm. But that's typically not true! I fell in love with running after high school when I realized you don't actually have to feel like you are dying the entire time. Today I'm sharing my journey and some tips to help you get jumpstarted.

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My Top Tips To Start Running

Slow Down

Seriously! You can slow down. You don't have to feel like you're dying the entire time you're running! If you run slower, you can breath and talk and run a whole lot farther than you think. I don't care how slowly you're running - go at a pace that allows you to still have a conversation. This may look like walking for a couple of minutes and running for 15 seconds - that's great! Do what you need to do to make it a pleasant experience so that you're motivated to get out the next time.

Focus on how you feel after

If you've ever been out for a run, how did you feel afterwards? Even if you kind of hated the entire run, that post-run feeling probably felt pretty great. When you're getting into running, make a point of really focusing on the feeling you get after the run. When you're procrastinating getting out the door, focus less on why you don't want to run and more on how great it's going to feel at the end. Getting out the door is always the hardest part!

Know that the first part of the run is typically the most uncomfortable

Speaking of hard parts, the first part of the run is typically the most uncomfortable. Even when I was running 20 mile training runs, the first 1-3 miles were the hardest. It can take a little bit to get into the groove. Know that if you are interested in starting to run longer distances, it's going to get easier not harder. Once your body gets into the groove, it's smooth sailing!

What is your relationship like with running?


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