Workout Journals and an Instagram-Inspired Full Body Functional Workout

If you're looking for an epic full body functional workout with creative moves, I've got you covered! This workout made me so happy...and sweaty in the best way. I'm still doing Alexia Clark workouts Monday through Friday and putting together my own workout on Saturdays from inspiration I find on Instagram. Last week, I discovered Daniella Chinitz's Instagram (danichinitz_fit) through one of PaleoOMG's posts. Best discovery! It was love at first Instagram video.

Daniella Chinitz has the most unique functional full body moves in her workouts. The workout I put together below combines circuits from PaleOMG and Daniella. It involves a lot of unilateral movements, balance, coordination, and strength. I love unilateral movements because it's such a good way to identify and work towards correcting muscle imbalances. This is a challenging workout, but I can promise that you won't get bored. I'd recommend going light on weights, especially if these functional/combo moves are new to you. If it's too light you can always go up on the next round!

Workout Journals

Speaking of muscle imbalances, do any of you keep a workout journal? I've been keeping one for years and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, especially runners or those who have dealt with injuries. It's nothing fancy - each day I just write down what I did and if I felt any pain or imbalances anywhere. For example, I'll write that it was hard to get my glutes firing or my ITB felt tight. I'll also make a note if I felt more tired than usual or if it was an awesome workout that I'd like to repeat.

workout journal
My workout journal does not look like this (it's a cheap-o calendar that came free in the mail), so I'm using this cute stock photo instead.

A workout journal takes literally 10 seconds to record and has been super helpful to look back when I've had an injury. If I'm feeling more tired than normal, I can look back and realize that it's been a little too long since I took a rest day. Or if my ITB is starting to hurt on my runs I can look back and realize I have been slacking on yoga while increasing mileage. Those insights help to reprioritize workouts the following week.

Full Body Functional Workout

Okay, back to the workout. The first four circuits should take about 60 minutes. There's a bonus (optional) circuit at the end. After I finished the fourth circuit, I discovered the mini band circuit (circuit 5). The moves looked challenging but fun, so I couldn't resist adding it to give them a try. It's a circuit that will definitely challenge your core and balance! Including circuit 5, the entire workout took me about 72 minutes to finish.

resistance bands and mini bands

As a side, if you're looking for good workout bands these are the resistance bands I use almost every day for Alexia Clark workouts. I love taking these with me when I travel, too. These are the mini bands I use. I've had both for over a year and so far they are holding up really well. I also have this thicker resistance band for glute activation work, because I find that for some moves I want even more resistance than the "extra-heavy" mini band provides. It's also great because it's a stretchy cloth material that doesn't slide around at all.

working out while traveling
Working out in the Abu Dhabi airport lounge with my resistance bands...and suitcase.

Let me know if you give this full body functional workout a try! I tried to embed all of the videos into this post so that you can watch them from here. Unfortunately, it didn't work for Daniella's videos. I've linked to each of her videos and highly recommend watching them before each circuit so you get a better idea of the moves listed below. I hope you love the workout as much as I did. <3

60+ Minute Full Body Functional Workout with Bonus Finisher

Circuit 1: 3 rounds of 45 sec on/15 sec rest

  • side lunge-squat-burpee with push up
  • side shuffle with tap
  • mountain climber x 3 to high knees x 3
  • fast-slow bear crawls

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

  • side lunges (x3) to single mountain climber to switch sides (I used a weight instead of medicine ball)
  • weighted sit up to sit up-squat with forward press
  • weighted squat with forward press - reverse lunge with twist
  • alternating single arm raised push up

Circuit 3: 2 rounds

  • single leg kettlebell deadlift with row - reveres lunge hammer curl press x 6/side
  • rotational swing with kettlebell - lunge press x 8/side
  • Bulgarian split squat with single arm kettlebell overhead hold x 10/side
  • alternating total side lunge with front raise x 12/side
  • feet elevated glute bridge with chest press x 15

Circuit 4: 3 rounds x 40 seconds on/10 sec rest

  • side to side squats
  • alternating box or bench step ups
  • dumbbell kneel to squats
  • back and forth side bounds with pause
  • side to side bench step overs

Circuit 5 (optional): 1 round

  • single arm blast off with mini band row x 12/side
  • side plank with leg raise - mini band row x 15/side
  • mini band plank jack with push up x 12
  • plank resistance band leg side swing x 12/side
  • mini band bicycle crunches x 20
  • side plank mini band crunch x 12/side
  • boat hold with resistance band row x 15

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration?

What was your favorite workout this week?

Do you keep a fitness journal?

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