4 Steps To Beat Burnout In Veterinary Medicine


As a recovered burnt out veterinarian, certified integrative health + life coach, and unicorn vet hospital consultant, I know what it takes to fall back in love with the vet med and to follow your heart + try something new - even when that feels scary. My unique training, holistic approach, and experience working in general practice, urgent care, and relief in a variety of settings has allowed me to see solutions for a profession I once wanted to escape from. If you're feeling stuck, I get it and I'm here to help you move forward.

4 Steps To Beat Burnout In Veterinary Medicine

1. Shift out of survival mode

Vet med is stuck in survival mode. People-pleasing, overwhelmed staff, imposter syndrome, exhaustion, cynicism, never slowing down - they’re all clear signs. Every vet professional needs to be empowered with anti-anxiety tools you can use anywhere - even in the middle of surgery or talking to a rude client - so that your baseline stress level is low and you have resilience even on the days when every single wellness appointment turns into a disaster. #iykyk

Watch the free "Anti-Anxiety Tools That Actually Work" webinar, because everyone who learns these says, "we should be learning this in vet school!". 

2. Establish Safety and Respect

It's time for a zero tolerance for bullies policy in vet med - with clients and peers and in the way we treat ourselves and our patients.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • PAUSE when a stress response is observed (human or animal)
  • GET CURIOUS about what's threatening from their perspective
  • IDENTIFY how to re-establish safety + mutual respect
  • If mutual respect + safety isn’t possible, create a BOUNDARY 

Watch the free "No More Bullies: Overcoming Toxic Clients + The Negative Thoughts Weighing You Down" webinar, because you deserve the same level of compassion you give to animals.

3. Replenish Energy!

At the root of burnout is depleted energy and hope. Ending (or even starting!) the day with an empty tank isn’t sustainable. In order to thrive in vet med, there needs to be more things that boost your energy than drain it. Where do you start? Get specific about what those are so you can start to balance the equation!

Watch the "Energy + Boundaries: Thriving In Vet Med + Beyond" webinar, because it's time to use a SOAP to troubleshoot why you're feeling drained and how to support your energy in a way that feels doable.

4. Foster an environment where it's convenient to thrive.

If a seed is dropped on the floor without soil, water, and sunlight, it can't blossom into a flower. The way things have "always been done" in vet med has led to 1 in 3 vets and HALF of all vet techs having high burnout. Another 1/4 have moderate burnout! Environment matters and the current one isn't working.

Listen to the "How To Create A Workplace Where It's Convenient To Thrive" webinar, because in an hour you'll be empowered with a clear idea of how to stand out in vet med by creating a workplace your staff is so obsessed with they brag to all their friends about it (hello free marketing and sky-rocketing retention).

My mission is to create a new norm in vet med where we put our “oxygen mask” on first and where workplaces foster an environment where it's convenient to thrive. I know how to turn that into reality - that's why I created the free series "Beat The Burnout: What We Should Have Learned In Vet School" for the veterinary community.

For individual support, learn more about my 3 month game changer and 6 month mentorship program and then apply because you deserve to feel fulfilled in the career you worked so hard for.


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