It's Time To Beat Burnout In Vet Med

As a veterinarian, I've worked in over 30 different hospitals (general practice, urgent care, and locum) including corporate, privately owned, mobile, high and low income, and both toxic and thriving cultures. That experience combined with my extensive and holistic training as an integrative health and life coach, and personal journey recovering from burnout has given me a unique perspective about WHY the vet profession is struggling and how to create positive change starting today. The dream you worked so hard to achieve doesn't have to feel like a nightmare. Change starts here. ❤️

Welcome! My mission is to empower the veterinary profession to create a new norm where we put our "oxygen masks" on first and where we foster an environment where it's convenient to thrive. In order to have a successful, sustainable career, you need to have energy left at the end of the day to be a person outside of vet med. 

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Beat The Burnout

What We Should Have Learned In Vet School!

If you're feeling burnt out OR if you want to help to prevent burn out (for you and your team), this free resource is GOLD.

You'll get access to 4 videos with practical tips that are actually helpful for supporting your well-being in and outside of vet med instead of the same old recommendations you hear everywhere that sound nice in theory but don't help when you're totally overwhelmed. The first thing I'll teach you are tools you can use absolutely anywhere (even in the middle of a surgery) to decrease anxiety and tell your nervous system "we're ok". 

This is free to everyone in the veterinary community. ❤️

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Other free resources to support your well-being:

My Favorite 1 Minute Anti-anxiety Tool

This is my secret weapon for creating positive change! This includes a video showing you the technique and a user manual with 6 specific ways to use it to instantly decease stress, change habits, fall asleep faster, start the day with a more positive mindset, and more. 

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Life Boost Starter Kit

All aspects of your well-being influence your life and all aspects of your life influence your well-being. If you feel like your job is negatively impacting your health, this is a really great place to start.

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Listen To My "Life Boost with Amelia" Podcast

This is packed with tips on thriving in and outside of veterinary medicine. Check out Episode 20: "Supporting Your Body On Really Hard Days".

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All veterinarians and veterinary students are welcome to join this group! This a safe and supportive space where you can come just to know you're not alone and to talk about what's feeling hard or to receive support and advice if you're looking for that.

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Looking for additional support? I offer 1-on-1 and group coaching programs, self-paced courses, and workplace well-being consulting.

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If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or wondering WTH you thought going into vet med was a good idea, I totally get it. I've been there.

My name Amelia means "industrious" which summarizes what took me to the highest and lowest points in my life. 😅

In both scenarios I was working hard, but the difference was in the way that I was treating myself.

At my lowest point a few years ago (burnt out and regretting all of my life decisions as a vet), I was stuck in survival mode (without even realizing it) and letting negative, judgmental thoughts control my life.

At the highest point (where I am now as a recovered burnt out vet, coach, and multi-passionate human), I learned how to shift out of survival mode, support my energy, and to ditch the bullies in my head that were holding me back from the fulfilling life that was waiting for me.

I still remember the moment when my life changed.

I was sitting on the couch, crying, feeling exhausted, defeated, and totally stuck. And then one question changed everything.

At the root of burn out is depleted energy and hope. While my circumstances didn't change in that moment, one question gave me hope again. A door opened from a cage I had unknowingly created for myself and I started to see that I could feel free again - despite my student loans, what everyone expected of me, and the fact I had worked my entire life to get to achieve a dream that felt like a nightmare. That hope gave me the energy to take the first smallest step towards living a life that gave me energy instead of drained it. And that step gave me the energy to take the next one. 

Now, that’s what I do! I help you feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders as you start to see how things can be better, less heavy and exhausting, and more doable. When you're on empty, that first step feels impossible. Hope gives you a jumpstart. Then I help you to keep moving forward one small doable step at at time in a way that feels like a breath of fresh air.

One question or mindset shift is all it takes to change the trajectory of your life, which is why I offer complimentary 1 hour clarity coaching calls. I’m not just words on a screen – I’m a human and I’m here for you. Let's figure out a way to create the change you want in a way that adds pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life instead of draining them.

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If things are feeling hard, you’re not alone. ❤️


Here’s a snapshot of where we are*:

  • 1 in every 2 veterinarian has moderate to high burnout and 1/2 of all vet techs have HIGH burnout 
  • 44% of private veterinary practitioners report considering leaving the profession
  • 32% of 1st year veterinary students experience clinical levels of depressive symptoms and report higher anxiety levels than medical students and the U.S. general population

The high burnout and suicide rate in our profession is nothing new. What we're doing isn't working.  

We have forgotten to put our oxygen masks on first. 

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I offer 1-on-1 and group coaching programs, self-paced courses, and workplace well-being consulting.

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Did you know the estimated cost of losing a veterinary technician is $59,000 and $104,000 for a veterinarian? 😳 

The cost of having a zero-drama, thriving team is priceless. ✨

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Hi! I'm Dr. Amelia. I'm a multi-passionate integrative health and life coach, entrepreneur, and recovered burnt out vet passionate about creating a new narrative around what true health and success look like - they should add pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life rather than deplete them. 

Since earning my VMD and VBMA certificate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014, I have worked in small animal general practice, urgent care, and locum which has provided the opportunity to work in over 30 different hospitals including corporate, privately owned, mobile, high and low income, and both toxic and thriving cultures. That experience combined with my extensive and holistic training and personal journey recovering from burnout has given me a unique perspective and fuels my passion to create positive change in vet med (and beyond).

While recovering from burn out, I founded Life Boost with Amelia in 2020. I know what it takes to fall back in love with the veterinary profession and I also know what it takes to follow your heart and try something new. My approach combines an evidence-based understanding of how the body and brain work - including the unconscious mind - with a holistic approach that honors what your heart needs to create real sustainable change that feels like a breath of fresh air. Learn more about my approach here. 

You can learn more about who I am and my certifications and training here.

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*Stats  from Frontier's "Veterinarian burnout demographics and organizational impacts: a narrative review" (July 2023)