Veterinary Well-Being Publications, Podcasts, and More

Here's a round-up of some of the ways I've been speaking out about veterinary well-being and creating positive change in our profession. 


Podcast guest:

Veterinary Genesis Initiative:  

I am an active advisory board member of the Veterinary Genesis Initiative - a call to action to improve and strengthen our profession at an international level. While there are many areas we want to address (read our mission here), this year our mission is to start a movement against bullying in our profession (self, peer, client, online, and pets). This is one of the lowest hanging fruits for creating positive change in our profession and one of the major roots of the high burnout and suicide rate, imposter syndrome, depression, and drug/alcohol abuse. We need to join together in creating an environment where everyone involved feels safe and supported, which is why we are asking hospitals to commit to a zero tolerance for bullies policy.

If you share a passion for this mission for beating burnout and bullying in vet med and you'd like to get involved, please send me a message!

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