Ep. 63 | 🤯 My Human Design Summarized Why I Reached Burnout + Why I Feel Like I'm Living My Purpose Now

8:39 Energy + Holistic Approaches

15:59 My Purpose

19:39 Energy Type + Burnout

23:46 Authority + Strategy

25:27 The Different Types Of Fear

27:49 Informing vs. People-pleasing

29:08 Burnout + Weak Immune Systems

31:32 Shedding Energy That You Pick Up From Others

34:37 Sharing My Ideas Into The World

39:31 Creating Change In The World

41:31 Creating Change In Vet Hospitals

42:41 Overcoming Unhealthy Habits

46:28 Delegating

48:46 Choose To-Do Lists

51:24 My Open Head Center

53:40 Using Metaphors To Change Uncomfortable Feelings

55:29 Human Design Profiles

56:11 Being An Investigator + Going Down Rabbit Holes

57:17 Postural Restoration Techniques For Body Pain

1:02:00 Why My Programs Are So Holistic

1:05:02 Imposter Syndrome

1:06:37 Overcoming Fear Of Failure and Failing Forward

1:10:33 Using Human Design To Decondition

1:11:47 The Death and Rebirth I Experienced + Shocking Others

1:16:34 Being "Quiet" and Having Time To Observe + Reflect + Telling Stories

1:20:24 Let Me Know If You Get Your Chart!


Hey life boosters. This is Dr. Amelia integrative health and life coach and recovered burnt out veterinarian here to help you ditch the things that are weighing you down by breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. So I've been really excited to record this podcast episode because it is on a topic that it's just something that was really fun for me, really eye opening. And I like to think of this podcast as if we're just sitting down together and I'm just sharing what's on my heart, sharing something that has had a huge impact on my life and that I think may give you a cool experience or perspective of yourself and the way that you're experiencing the world. So we're going to be talking about a human design reading that I had done a few months ago. And I think this'll be a cool way of you getting to know me more because I'm always reminding myself that, you know, we all have our own like internal experiences, right? Like the way that we're experiencing life, the way that we feel, the thoughts that we have. So much of that is internal. And what others perceive of us is just such a very small piece. Of what's going on within us. And that's always helpful for me just to think about for myself and like the way that others may be perceiving me compared to what reality is, but also is helpful and just remembering that everyone's kind of on their unique journey, experiencing life in their own unique way with their own perspectives. And. Just helpful, you know, all about being kind to yourself so that you can have more compassion and patience and kindness towards those around you. And so I think it is always helpful just broadening our perspectives and this human design reading was something that really helped to increase my self awareness and I was blown away by how accurate it was. And it really helped... my, the last episode that I recorded was all about trauma responses. Uh, highly recommend listening if you haven't. But the interesting thing is that in getting this human design reading, it just confirmed so much of what I have learned about myself. The hard way. Like basically my path and what led me to burn out and then recovering and like what has led me to this point now where I am just so grateful for my life and I feel. Um, like my life gives me so much energy. It was so interesting to have this human design reading because I felt like it really supported my path, everything made sense of like what had led me into the trauma responses and burnout. And why now I'm feeling so much more like I am living my purpose really. So. Before we go further you're probably like, okay, what is human design? I'm going to do my best to describe it, even though I'm still figuring that out myself. So it basically. Um, it kind of combines like ancient and modern sciences. So it was like a combination of like astrology chakras quantum physics. There's like eight different, I dunno, components or things that have, or concepts maybe that have gone into creating this system. And you can basically use it like a user manual. It kind of gives clarity on the, your energy. Um, and the way, like your purpose and how to be living life in a way that feels authentic and energizing and fulfilling basically. Pretty cool. Right. Um, and again, it just blew me away how, like my journey of working to really understand who I am. I feel like I had learned a lot of these things about myself, but it's interesting to think about what it would have been like if I had had this reading, like 15 years ago. It's interesting to think about. So I had had, I had heard about human design, just like in passing in the coaching world. I could tell that there were some people who are really into it, but beyond that I knew nothing. And so earlier this year, when I was taking my integrative change work certification program. Another, one of the coaches who was taking that program. Yvonne Chung. She is a human design expert and she shared that she has these incredible master classes that are free. That are a really great introduction to your human design type. She it's like, I think like an hour of her really diving deep into it. And so i, it was just something that I was like interested in learning a little bit more about, and that seemed like such an awesome opportunity to just learn a little bit more. So. I decided to take that masterclass. And it just blew me away. It was like, You know, it was basically like the experience of learning that I was stuck in a trauma response of that like, wow, everything that you just described, you know, like the people pleasing and perfectionism never being able to slow down, like how all of that sounded so true to me. Learning that I was a manifestor, which is an energy type and learning about those qualities. I, um, I was blown away. And so that really got me curious. And so the way that I like to learn is by being my own Guinea pig. And I wanted to decide if I wanted to go down the human design rabbit hole and the best way I thought to do that was to get a human design reading. And so I should, I should explain that. The way that you get your human design type is with a chart. So there's this whole chart. It's. It's. Quite extravagant. There's like this so many symbols and I'm just learning just how much information you can get from these charts. But the way that you get your chart is just by, um, it's just based on your date of birth and location and time. Because it kind of has to do with energy and the way that all of the planets were aligned at like the very moment that you were born. And you may be hearing this and being like this sounds so far out there and you know that I'm also very evidence based on one hand, I really liked the science and like understanding things, But there may be some of you who are like, this sounds so cool, especially if you do like astrology and that type of thing. And the way that I like to approach things is just always with an open mind and just experiencing it and seeing what I think, um, I think that, when there are tons of people that are interested in something, there's probably some kind of wisdom in it, or there's some draw. And I like to understand what that is. And so, um, having the human design reading was a good way for me to just experience it and to see what I could get out of that to see if it was something that I wanted to share with others. If it's something that I really want to dive deep on. On or if it's just something that I'm not into. And if you've been listening to my podcast for any amount of time, you know, how much I am into energy and a holistic approach. And even as a veterinarian, I love to combine traditional and alternative therapies. That's why I became certified in medical acupuncture for my patients. Because I think that there's a lot of value in the pain medications that we have. And also I see so much opportunity for gentler and, um, more holistic approaches that can help to create even more pain relief for my patients. And I don't know if I shared this before so this is going to be a little bit of a side track, but acupuncture is just so incredible, especially for dogs with back pain, neck pain and even paralysis. So, a lot of dogs, especially dachshunds are kind of like the poster child for it, but even Frenchies, um, they are prone to intervertebral disc disease and there can be. Um, degeneration of the discs in their back, and that can cause paralysis. And what we're taught in vet school is that if they don't have a certain reflex, like deep pain, Then it's really a surgical emergency. And that can lead to really tough decision for owners. Because if suddenly your pet is paralyzed, sometimes they can't even urinate on their own. You have to manually be expressing their bladder. You have to be like supporting them to go to the bathroom. It does become a lot and surgery is very expensive. And so, uh, often owners are caught between this well... Do we wait and give some time and see if there, if with medications they do improve. Is this such a poor prognosis we don't think they'll have a good quality of life, you know, especially if they don't have the finances to be able to do that surgery. Or do they go to surgery and that's kind of in vet school, the options that we were taught yet with acupuncture, I have had paralyzed dogs that cannot even urinate and even with one acupuncture treatment, they start to move their toes and they're able to urinate. And these, some of these patients have then gone onto completely recovering and walking and running and, um, they were, you know, patients that otherwise would have been euthanized. It was kind of like a last resort. And so that's just a, an example of how sometimes there's not a lot of, you know, publications or, it's not as clear cut as with medications because pharmacy pharmaceutical companies have tons of money to be putting into that kind of research. Um, and there are some really great studies supporting acupuncture as well, but it's certainly not as mainstream and accepted as like Rimadyl, which is basically like Advil for dogs. So, um, having acupuncture. And I'm just talking about this, cause it's really, I'm, it's so important to me that all owners, pet owners and vets are aware of how incredible acupuncture can be, even when it seems like a really poor prognosis that trying at least one acupuncture treatment can be helpful. And so I had a case like that. I do relief work as a veterinarian, but, and so I'm not able to do a lot of acupuncture, but I had just decided to keep my needles, acupuncture needles in my car with me just in case there was a case where their dog was paralyzed and it was really like the scenario that I had where dog came in, the family was ready to be euthanizing this dog because they had earlier that day had been at a vet and were told that it was such a poor prognosis and they, this dog was quite old and they weren't. Going to be pursuing surgery. And I was like, you know what? I have my acupuncture needles with me. I've seen really amazing results. I cannot guarantee anything, but I do really think that it's worth a shot. Um, are you up for trying it? And they were, and so we did it and even after like at the end, like while I was doing the actual acupuncture treatment, Um, the pup started to be moving its toes. And then, um, I heard back from the owner and they sent me a video of the dog walking. So just wanted to share that because that shares a little bit of my approach to all things of. I love the evidence-based and also, you know, recognizing that so much of even when it comes to food and medications and our entire healthcare system, how much of an influence big food and pharmaceutical companies are having. In the evidence and sometimes that's even, um, That is not unbiased, you know, they have motives behind their research. And so I like to just have an open mind. And I think that there's a lot of wisdom from more ancient approaches. And I think that it's a shame that we're not tuning into some of the wisdom from those approaches that are looking at a more whole body approach. And looking at how things do influence our energy. And getting wisdom from our own bodies instead of thinking that we need to just mask things with pills and you know if you've been listening to my podcast that that's very near and dear to my heart so that was a little side story. But what I thought would be fun is just to go through. So Yvonne gave me this amazing reading and if you listen to this and you find this at all, interesting, I cannot recommend her enough. Her free masterclasses are such an amazing place to start. I think you'll get so much out of it. Just learning about your type. But then with the full reading that we did. I was able to kind of give her some information on like what I was wanting to get out of, because there's just so much you can get out of your chart. So, Areas for her to focus and she recorded it. So I listened back to the recording and then I was able to take some notes. So I just thought I would go through it and look at the notes again and just share some comments about what I got out of it. Every word that Yvonne shared really just made me feel so seen, and it felt so true. But one thing that really stood out to me was it's called the incarnation cross. But when she was interpreting that it's kind of like the energy behind everything that we do in relation to your purpose. And what she said was that people pass through my life when they need change or to find a new direction. And I do that by helping them reflect on past, present and future. And it's always going towards this universal love of like benefiting everyone as a whole. And that just surprised me so much because that is so aligned with my root mission with life boost and just my belief for the potential in this world is that we have just become so disconnected from ourselves and our bodies. And I truly do believe that if we can be kind and respectful and really honoring what our bodies are telling us then we have energy and patience to be able to connect and have compassion and kindness for those around us and our planet. I believe that so deeply. And the way that I have been able to make that connection. Is through my own past experiences and current and experimenting and seeing what works. And then looking ahead into the future. So that just really resonated. And as a reminder, I do offer the time of recording this. The one hour complimentary clarity coaching calls, which is an hour of you and I just you're getting coaching because I am so grateful now to have that ability to be able to, even in an hour, help someone to maybe connect with what they're really needing in life. That's missing. How can you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder? How can you change the direction of your life in a way that you are living with a sense of purpose that you are feeling fulfilled? And really that's what I mean when I say you're living in life that energizes you from within. So that you're not relying on caffeine to get by, or like the food that it feels like a treat or, you know, you, you have this energy that is coming from inside of you and motivating you. So, if you do want to schedule a complimentary call, I'll leave the link in the show notes. And it's also very much what all of my programs are designed to do. It's designed to help you to connect with who you are at the core, not authentic version of you. Who were you before? All that programming from parents and peers and all that judgment and society and all these things that you've just been taught, you should be believing, or you should be doing. And when you reconnect with what you actually need, who you are meant to be that ultimate ultimately is what my program programs help you do. And of course, it's about you know, figuring out how to be showing up in the career the way that you want or eating food that feels good to you. Breaking free from yo-yo dieting, people, pleasing, perfectionism. But in order to do that, if you really want to just ditch that for good, it's all about really just finding who you are at the core. So. That was one thing that really stood out to me, but in human design in general, there are different energy types. That's like the human design 101 basics and again, I don't, I'm not, don't feel like I can really educate you on that, but I am a manifester and there are. I think five different types. I think you can be a manifestor, generator, there's a combination of a manifestor generator. And then a projector and there might be one more. Um, I just looked it up. It is a reflector. So those are the different types. And again, if you're curious what type you are, then I'll leave a link for one of the websites where you can just get your chart generated. And then I highly recommend Yvonne's free masterclasses so that you can learn more about your specific type, but. For a manifester, It's basically that. I have lots of ideas. Like I'm really good at initiating. But my energy comes in bursts. So I'll have huge amounts of energy, so much excitement, really good at like starting projects. But then there are times when that peters out and that's like in comparison to a generator, which is the majority of the population. When you find something that you really care about and work, then you can like happily be steadily working like in nine to five job would work really well for you versus with a manifester, not so much because there are periods when I'm feeling really inspired, really wanting to initiate a lot of things, but then I'm needing that balance of recovering. And man, that rings true for sure. You should just see the things that I do with life boost. And like, when I get excited about creating a project or I always am having an overwhelming number of ideas But then there are times when I'm needing to rest. And I thought it was so interesting because thinking about my path towards burnout, I was very much just trying to live that like eight to six lifestyle going in to work every day. And I wasn't really getting to use, um, all those ideas that I had. I felt like I was in a position where I wasn't really having a voice and it was just doing this work and not ever having that time to recharge because my people pleasing and perfectionism made it so that I didn't feel comfortable resting again. Listen, I recommend listening to the last podcast episode on trauma responses. But I thought that was so interesting. And I think it is probably really valuable for others. Like I've, since I'm having this reading, I've been connecting with like friends and family wanting them to get their chart so that then I can look at it too. And it makes sense, like the. Those that I know who are generators. I can totally see that, like they can come up with a project and then they're just happily will just work and work on it and be very fulfilled. As long as it's something that they love and are really passionate about if they are doing work that they don't care about, then that is when it becomes really draining. And so I think that there's so much wisdom that can come from this of just learning about yourself in that new level of self-awareness to think about, does that feel true number one- to you in the way that your energy works and your motivation? And if so thinking about how your current lifestyle is and your career, and does that match up and, and is that giving you energy or is that maybe a source where it's draining your energy? And then another one of the basics with human design is that everybody has an authority and a strategy. And the authority is how we make decisions and the strategy is more of like how we interact with things and use our energy. So I have a splenic authority and that means that I just have like these immediate, instinctual feelings of whether or not I should do something. Um, like before my mind even has time to catch up and it shows up as like a nervous or almost like fear feeling. It's like, Whether it's nervous, excited versus nervous uneasy, um, and really needing to lean into the nervous, excited feeling. And instead of just getting caught up in everything that my conscious mind has to say about it and trying to be logical, um, it's more helpful if I do trust that immediate instinct feeling. And it might be a little bit like a scary fear. And that was a huge life change changing shift for me. When I realized that. Because I used to be like, no risks, play it safe. Keep quiet, follow the rules. If it's feeling scary, that would just cause stress and anxiety. And then I read a book. I think that's maybe Tara Mohr's playing big, but I can't remember. And. Um, she talks about how in the Hebrew language, there are different words for different types of fear. And yirah describes a good fear. It's the kind of fear that you want to lean into. It's like the fear you get when you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. You're stepping into more space than you're used to. And that just something really clicked in me because before it was like, anytime I felt stress, my brain was just registering that as danger. No, don't do it. But what I have found is that actually the times when I feel most alive, Are often there times when I lean into that fear, that's like an excited fear. That's like, Ooh, this is like a little bit scary, but also, I really want to do it. And I'm feeling so pulled in that we'll be exhilarating. And once I learned about those different words. I was able to start leaning into fear and, and following that. And that was something that I found a few years ago and it truly has changed my life. I think that that is one of the major things that has helped me to continue to go outside of my comfort zone and make this path that no one that doesn't maybe make sense to other people and just following in my heart, what feels right. My brain and nervous system just were like a helicopter parent basically. And I needed to free myself from that. And once I did, I really felt like I started to live my life and really experience it And so I thought that was so interesting that that is the authority type that I have. And then the strategy remembering that that is like how we interact with things and use our energy. Everybody has a strategy that's tied to the. Type that you are. So, if you're a generator than you wait to respond to external stimuli, like you want yes or no questions so that you can kind of listen to your gut and respond. And as a manifestor. My strategy is to inform. So because I have all these ideas and I'm good at initiating things sometimes The manifestor type forgets to tell others what's going on. And so in order to not be hitting resistance in order to be moving forward, I need to be informing people about what I'm doing. Not asking just telling and when I do that things and opportunities just kind of open up. Which I thought was so interesting and I have experienced that, but again, as a people pleaser, man I'd never informed. It was, I like didn't even have any idea what I wanted to do. Cause I needed to like survey everybody first in order to weigh everything and decide and then like ask for permission. And, and as I am learning to inform instead and just to feel confident in what I want to do and speaking up for that. Absolutely. It does feel like it clears the path. So I thought that was so interesting. And then back to the spleen for a moment. Cause I'm just reading through my notes. One interesting thing that she said is that the spleen governs, you know, health and the immune system. And so if I'm, when I'm working like a generator, That makes me prone to burnout. And you know that I'm not necessarily intended for that, like 40 plus work week, and that I find so interesting because I was functioning like a generator, almost all my life, because that's what we're taught. Right? Like hustle culture is like never rest and wanting to become a veterinarian. When I was six, just deciding I needed to be an excellent student in order to get into vet school. And in vet school, you know, what do they want? They want to see that you have excellent grades. They want to see extracurriculars that you're volunteering, that you can just time manage. It a crazy amount. And so that's what I did. And I got sick all the time. Like any time I finally made it to vacation, I would instantly get super sick. And I had sinus infections, severe sinus infections every single year. And in high school I got shingles because I was stressed. That's not supposed to be something you get in high school. And, I mean, my immune system was horrible and it's so incredible that since I have gone through this journey of moving into more of that honoring that manifester style and following this path of having that balance between coaching and relief work, and creating my own schedule and having that flexibility, you know, that all started like right around as COVID was starting and I have like barely been sick at all. Like even when I had COVID, I didn't get it for a very, very long time. And when I did it was super mild. So, um, I think there's a lot to be said about that and of course, stress plays a huge role in your immune system. But I think that this is an interesting way of seeing even in a new way why that was so stressful to me and why maybe other people meet me that maybe that would be, um, okay to you. But you know, ultimately, always just paying attention to your energy. Another thing was that I had a sacral center okay, well, I have an open center in my sacral center um, and if Yvonne ever listens to this, she's going to be like, you're not describing this well at all, but I understand the takeaways. So this means that I take in and amplify the energy of others, like a human cup of coffee. So. I'm kind of like. I kind of run around on borrowed energy unless I shed that energy. Otherwise it can lead to things like burnout. And that is also very true. I do feel the energy and pick up the energy of those around me in a really big way. I feel like I have a lot of empathy and, you know, some talk about being an empath. And I mean, certainly I feel when I feel the mood and the energy of others in my heart. And, um, in veterinary medicine, you know, that's absolutely, that can be a lot. There's a lot of tough news and sadness and frustration from owners and overwhelm There's a lot of energy going on. And. And I do feel that in my body and I didn't use to have ways of releasing that energy at the end of the day. And that definitely took a toll. I mean, that's why at the end of the day, I would just feel numb. Because it was like so much. That it just almost buried me, you know, or it just like, I couldn't connect with any emotions. Cause it was just like too much for my system. And that is something that I really am conscious of now. Knowing that I feel that energy from others. And, and as with the work that I do with coaching, you know, it's so important. That I do have that genuine connection with others. And I love that so much. But I have learned that I also need to balance that with time on my own. I need that time. You know, I talk about like going for walks all the time, being in nature. Doing yoga, meditating, journaling. Uh, there's a, I have a lot of time in my day when I'm on my own and that is because I need that in order to be finding balance and releasing energy from other people. Another thing that I have written down is channel of curiosity or gate of ideas. And so this was really something that I needed to hear. And there were a few things from this reading that were. That I really took with me and not have really helped me to keep moving forward in a way, and to help move me away from some areas where I was feeling stuck or overwhelmed. And so this was one of them. She said that so as a manifestor I have lots of energy to initiate, but not necessarily to always like complete and finish to the end all of the ideas that I have. And she said not all of the ideas are meant to be mine. Like I need to not be hoarding. My ideas. As I share my ideas, they'll find the right people and often that's the generator. And that's kind of the way this concept works is like the manifestors have all these ideas and then generators connect with those ideas that really resonate with them. And they're able to kind of carry them through. And so that's helpful because sometimes I have all of these ideas and I feel like I need to carry all of them out. And it's too much, um, because as we'll keep going. I, my brain just generates endless ideas, like in a day. And sometimes it is overwhelming and that was really. It felt good just to be hearing that I just should be sharing and talking about these ideas and like putting them out into the world and seeing what happens And right after the reading is when I decided and announced that I was going to do the free series for the veterinary community called"beat the burnout, what we should have learned in veterinary school". Um, I just realized that I didn't want to keep waiting to be sharing the information in a certain way. I just wanted to start speaking out and if you're not familiar, there's such a high burnout and suicide rate in the veterinary profession. And it, it does not need to be that way. There are so many things that we can start doing today to create so much change on an individual level, but also at a hospital level and within our profession. And so. Each of those talks, there are four, share things that people can start doing immediately to help them to, um, Feel less weighed down by the profession to create sustainable changes so that they are supporting their energy. And if you're listening to this at the time of this coming out and you're in the veterinary profession, there are still two more. I just announced the dates. They're going to be on July 27th and August 3rd and these talks are talking about how to be supporting your energy, because that is everything in and outside of veterinary medicine. And, the first one we'll be really talking about on an individual level, how you can be supporting your energy and really sticking up for boundaries, even when that feels really scary and hard, especially if you're used to people pleasing, which I truly think just about the entire veterinary profession experiences. And then the second one's really going to be for hospitals, specifically speaking to how they can really be supporting their employees in a way that gives them energy. It makes it creating an environment where it is convenient to feel good. I want to be offering cool tips that you don't typically hear that can create a workplace where your employees are just obsessed. They're so obsessed that they're bragging to their friends about the things that you're doing. That is my goal. That is how we keep people. And that is how we have people excited about veterinary medicine. When we support the team. And the first two talks, one shared anti-anxiety tools that actually work it's packed with awesome ones that you can use anywhere, even in the middle of an emergency. And the second talks all about how we really needed to be establishing a zero tolerance for bullies policy certainly from fractious clients and peers but also in the way that we're treating ourselves and our patients so i'll leave information in the show notes if you want to join In the veterinary profession, I'm just trying to keep sharing my ideas and seeing who picks that up and starting the ripple effect. That's always my hope with my programs and with the work that I do in the vet profession. It can feel really overwhelming when I want to change the world because I feel like things don't make sense when it comes to just food the way that, you know, our government is set up and the way that the veterinary profession has such a high burnout and suicide rate. Um, it just feels like there are so many things that aren't setting people up for success, and there's so much that could be done to change that. At the same time, especially when it comes to the health of our country big food and pharma have so much influence. They have so much money that is just so hard to even have a voice against them because they can just bury your voice and messaging in an instant. So I really believe that it does have to be, be one individual at a time because as I share knowledge about how to be nourishing your body and trusting your body and living a life that's fulfilling. As I pass on that to my clients or those around me. I see that they are excited about that. Other people notice those changes in them and they want to know what they're doing. And so they share that with those in their community, in their circle. And it does start this ripple effect. And I really believe that that is how we can create positive change together. It is by one person at a time shifting out of survival mode, again, going out of those trauma responses so that you are able to speak up for what you need. So you are able to be making changes, you know, as each vet shifts out of survival mode and feels empowered to no longer people please to speak up for the boundaries that they need to be supporting their energy and to be living a life that's feeling fulfilling. As they start speaking up for that we can be creating a new norm. And certainly I want the veterinary hospitals to be realizing when you are actively having conversations with your employees to get curious and to want to know, what parts of your job energize you? How can I support you? What does a really satisfying schedule look like to you. If a hospital is proactive about honoring your work-life balance or just what you need to be having good energy. Then those hospitals- their employees are going to be obsessed with their workplace. They're going to brag to others about how great it is and the hospitals that aren't doing that are going to suffer. Because there is such a high demand right now for any veterinarians and veterinary support staff. There really, isn't a reason to be staying in hospitals that aren't honoring and supporting their people. And so that's a way that we can be creating that change by demand. And in the same way as people are understanding, oh, I've struggled with a relationship with my body and with food for ever not because of a problem with you, but because that is what your brain has been programmed to believe. And to be that's like your software that has been downloaded. Because of all the messages that big food and pharma have, inundated your unconscious mind with, if you think about the number of ads, what you see when you're at the grocery store and the messages around your friends and family, like when you think about parties, what food do you instantly think about? Or celebrating, right? It's like pizza cake, alcohol. You don't equate fun and celebrating with things like vegetables, right? I just, when you think about healthy food, Like that unconscious automatic patterns, probably thinking more about like being good, discipline, willpower. And so, it's so understandable that it's feeling hard, you know, along with the fact that big food companies have a team of engineers who are making food designed to achieve the bliss point to override your body's natural cues so that you don't want to stop eating it. So all of this to say, when you realize that it's not your fault, it's just the way your brain was programmed and you start to actually pay attention to the the realistic experience of foods. And you start to realize like, maybe you thought that pizza was your favorite food and maybe it is. But when you start paying attention to the full experience of how that pizza makes you feel. Then you'll notice that your brain originally thought that that was like fun and yummy. And so that's what your brain noticed. Your brain filter notices evidence that supports your beliefs. So it doesn't notice how the rest of the day you're feeling super lethargic and bloated and gross in your body. Because that wasn't consistent with the belief that you had about pizza being fun and yummy. But when you start paying attention to that full experience and seeing like, oh, that was actually like 10 seconds of enjoying that pizza followed by an entire day of feeling pretty crappy. And then you notice, oh, like those like salmon bites or something those also tasted crazy on me and I had epic energy all day. Then you start to notice that maybe some of those beliefs about what your favorite foods were or what was more desirable maybe those are just have been false programming from big food companies, because they want to be profiting from you not feeling good and uh, not feeling like you not being able to stop eating their food. And as you start to realize that that's when you can start to make choices. You can start supporting the companies that actually do care about your wellbeing that are actually creating product products that are nourishing for your body that are creating products that are kind to our earth. And, the more that we the greater ripple effect that we have, the more people realize that. The more that then just by demand, if people are wanting the food that doesn't have crap in it. And added sugar added to every kind of savory food that you're eating. Then they are going to have to, they're going to want to make food that you'll buy. And that is how we can create positive change So a big thing that she said that I really took to heart was like, where in your business is it draining? And you need to be delegating. And I wasn't delegating at all. I was doing absolutely everything by myself and for anyone who is an entrepreneur and starting your own business. I mean that some of that is a necessity, um, especially starting out, but there also becomes a point when you're holding yourself back from having a big impact by getting buried by all the small things, I can't tell you how many, just like behind the scenes technical stuff there is, that's no fun. So after this I did have, um, I did find someone to help me with some projects which helped me to move forward so much faster. And so. That was definitely something that I needed to hear. And I have a feeling that that might be something that you need to hear as well. Certainly in other areas of my life, I've learned to delegate and it has really been life changing. Like I used to be so proud that I was like, would clean my house and mow my lawn and I would just do everything. And there was. A little bit of pride. I had grown up in a family where we did all the things and, um, Realizing that it was actually okay to outsource some of those I'm realizing just how much space in my brain it, it cleared when I wasn't always thinking like, oh, I need to mow the lawn. Or like, oh, I need to be cleaning. Um, having some help with that, it just helped me to be able to be using my energy and the areas where it was most effective, or to have a little bit of time to recharge. Um, and of course, you know, I'm grateful that I'm in that situation where we were able to outsource that. But I think there are always creative ways to be looking at your to-do list and thinking like, is this absolutely necessary? And if it is, is it something that I could outsource-that I want to. I really always recommend having a choose to do list instead of a to-do list. Just the act of saying choose to do. It's just a little extra reminder that everything that we do is a choice. There's always a why behind it. And maybe that is like, you're going to a job that you don't want to go to. But you're choosing to right? Because there are values that are important to you, like stability, supporting your self or your family, and, um, getting to that root and remembering why you're choosing to spend your time doing certain things can also help. Or maybe you're staying in a job that you hate just because that is more convenient and it feels safer, right? Like it is easier to keep going to a job that you hate then to go through that process of trying to figure out what you do want to do or going through interviews. And. And job searching. And so just that act of noticing why you're doing things, especially things that you don't enjoy. And just making sure that that is what you feel good about, you know, you can say, okay, the convenience and the safety of staying in this job that I don't like- that is more important to me right now than my desire to be doing something else. And then there shouldn't be blame and maybe even being able to go to that job and instead looking at the positive aspects, um, or the appreciation for having that routine. Versus if you look and realize, oh, I really do want to be making a change. Like I don't want to be stuck in this job that I hate. I know that I should be doing something else. I want to be doing something that's more fulfilling and noticing that the reason that you haven't yet is because it feels intimidating. Then you can start to explore and use even like those anti-anxiety tools. I have a free resource that shares my favorite one in addition to ways to be using it, to create really positive change. You can be using those tools to help yourself to have that courage, to start making even baby steps, like, okay, what's the first smallest step that I can make that will help me move towards a job that I feel good about and, and just start exploring it, you know? So. Just a little side note. And then the next thing that she said was that I have an open head center. Which basically is like a window without a screen. Meaning that I constantly I'm taking in like inspiration and ideas, like without a filter. Would you feel is very accurate. And so she said that that can kind of create like a pressure center. Like I have this pressure to want to answer the big questions and that can be overwhelming or confusing on. There can be a pressure to act on the pressure that I feel in order to relieve it and she said no matter how much I do, the pressure will always be there. Um, that pressure to be answering the big questions. And that was really interesting to me. And she was saying like, you really just want to notice the pressure without feeling the need to act on it. Just letting it be there. Um, and. That was also helpful because I definitely do. I there are. I just, you know, basically just want to understand the entire world. I love going down rabbit holes. And I want to, I like when things make sense and I like putting pieces of the puzzle together of things that don't seem connected. And I like seeing how everything is connected and um, I can definitely relate to that feeling of, I definitely, I experienced that quite often of just like, So many ideas, so much curiosity, so much wanting to answer everything. And then if I'm not delegating or sharing those ideas, or if I feel like I have to act on all of them, It definitely creates like that pressure cooker situation where it feels like too much. And that is something that I've learned to do and that I'm doing of noticing when I'm experiencing that being okay. That knowing that all of the ideas that I'm having are not things that I have to act on. Noticing where that pressure shows up in my body. And then allowing it to be there, but also changing it. And the work that I've done this year with more of coaching the unconscious mind has really helped me with partnering with my own body and energies and stress in a new way. Seeing how, when you become aware of feelings that you're experiencing in your body, And you start to think of them as metaphors say. So, the other day I was thinking I'm like, I felt like this pressure in my head and it was almost like a helmet that fit too tight that was pushing down on me. And once you see what you're experiencing as a metaphor. Then the cool thing is that you can change it. And it really changes your experience with that feeling. So what would need to happen for a helmet that's about my head way too tight in order for it to feel better. I could take the helmet off. Right? And if you imagine taking that helmet off, It's really interesting to see how your body responds to that because your unconscious likes to work in metaphors. And when you bring into conscious awareness, something that you're experiencing somewhat unconsciously. You can change it. And that has been huge. And so I play around a lot with energy. Like, do I want to be keeping that energy in my body? What would make it feel better? How do I want to change it? And just really getting curious. Um, but that was also that window without a screen feels like 100% what I experienced throughout the day in terms of ideas. So let's talk about the profiles now, because that is another one of the basic components to your human design chart. So the profile is made up of two numbers and my understanding is that it kind of describes your personality. Um, the first number though is more of how you think of yourself more, the way you consciously see yourself. And then the second number is more how the world sees you and it may be more unconscious. And so together those two help to make up the way that you are even though you may not be as aware of the second one. So my profile is a one three. And the one is an investigator. That is a really common theme throughout my chart it seems is that curiosity and always seeking knowledge and really depth of knowledge. She said, I like to go down the rabbit hole. Um, which is so, so true. I, um, I mean. It's hard to just, well, I can give an example acts actually, of something that I'm doing right now. So. I had been maybe like, I don't know, last year had experienced suddenly some pain in my foot, which I had never experienced before. And anytime there's anything happening in my body, I you know, as with my doctor brain, but also like the health coaching and apparently just because I'm a very curious person, um, I want to understand why. And so I started doing research about like, what are the different causes, that could be contributing to this, what could be going on? And that led me down quite the rabbit hole in terms of learning that your feet can be connected to what's going on in your diaphragm. And that made me learn about Pelvic floor health and how that's related to the way that we're breathing and your diaphragm. And I started following different people who have really cool approaches when it comes to strength training, and also physical therapy of really looking at how everything is connected. And so fast forward, I had been able to resolve the foot pain, but then just a few months ago, I was just experiencing weird things like the back of my. Um, And my back, like my upper left back. It felt like a rib was just like stuck. Like, it felt like there was a knot there or something that I could just never loosen up. It just was always there. And no matter how many massages I did or like how I moved, I could not. It wouldn't move. And then I started to have pain in my right shoulder, like when I was doing shoulder presses. And then my entire left, Leg clicked. It was like, there's something really tight, like in my hip and in my knee and like in my ankle so that it just felt really hard to engage my glutes appropriately, unless I did a bunch of exercises before. And, um, Yeah. So it was just like all these weird things put together and I really wanted to find someone. Not just the traditional physical therapy of like focusing on that one problem. I wanted to see if we could find out how all of that was connected. And so there is a certification and approach people can get of postural restoration technique. And I was able to find one person in Charlotte. She's like an hour away for me. Um, her name is Beth Quinn. If you are in the area around Charlotte, but she uses that approach. And so I've been working with her and, oh my gosh, it is so cool. How it's just certain breathing techniques been able to like expanding my lungs and ribs so much more. I've seen how things in my jaw, like my neck was really tight that was influencing my shoulder. And she showed me these really simple jaw stretches to do. And that just released all the tension in my neck. And. I it's so crazy now, like with the yoga, I felt like I had been more flexible, but this, all this work has just like, I'm able to like go super low with my squats and everything's engaging and feeling balanced and it is so cool. It's just another example of how everything is connected unlike the typical approach. siloed approach, looking at that, like one area that may be painful on your body, it could be related to something so far away, you know, like maybe that's what pain maybe you should be looking at what's going in your jaw and diaphragm. It's crazy. So that's just one small example of the rabbit holes that I like to go down. Cause I just really want to learn more and more. And, um, She said. It's definitely like the depth of knowledge, like. I want to have a solid foundation for what I'm curious about. I want to get to the bottom of it and that's definitely true. You know, When I was experiencing the crippling stomach aches, that's what led me to even starting to pay attention to how food was making me feel, starting to realize how much real food influences the way that you feel. Uh, it's what led me to learning so much about gut health and then just, I mean, Learning about the blood sugar and how gut health influences everything and just how everything is connected. Um, It's basically, my body really guides it as well. Anytime something's feeling hard, like me leading to burnout, why my energy was low. All of those have led me to so many rabbit holes. So I want to understand something really well. And the benefit if you do my programs is that it's a very holistic approach because I do see how everything is connected and because I have gone down so many rabbit holes then I slowly introduce you to all of it. And so my one-year mentorship program is designed to just one step at a time you uncover some new, cool thing about yourself. That is going to have a positive influence in all aspects of your life, right? Because all aspects of your health influence all aspects of your life and all aspects of your life influence all aspects of your health. And so slowly, you know, you start with shifting your body out of survival mode, understanding why things have felt hard, getting clear on even who you are and what you want. And then you start to learn from your body and understand what foods feel so good that you love and that makes sense for your lifestyle. You address your gut health. And A reminder that gut health is so much more, even if you're not experiencing any GI signs you could be experiencing, um, signs of poor gut health, even if it's migraines or headaches or just low energy, or constant anxiety. Or achy joints, sinus congestion. Auto-immune conditions. Gut health influences all aspects of the body. And it really just, it's as if our current healthcare system is just ignoring. It's just seeing it as this tube that's really not influencing things. And luckily that is changing, but not fast enough. And that's true in the veterinary profession as well. And as a reminder, if you have, if you don't already have my free life boost starter kit, there are assessments for each of the life boost B's so that's belly, meaning gut health, blood, sugar, and brain. And so there's a little list of different either. Signs or symptoms that you may be experiencing, or if you have a history with certain things like certain medications or stress or certain foods, Um, Then it's a way of kind of getting a better idea of maybe if your gut health could use some more attention and then back to the mentorship program, you learn about the blood sugar boundaries. It really is comprehensive. It is a year of just totally revamping and shedding the, the junk that you no longer want to be carrying around with you in life. And. Making room for the things that make your heart happy and finally just feeling free and, and having a loving relationship with your body and yourself. And it's because I like to go down rabbit holes. Um, She said that that can also lead to an insecurity of not feeling like I don't know enough or that I'm not ready. And that is what led me to, I definitely experienced imposter syndrome early on as a vet for sure. And then again, when I was starting out as a coach, because there was always that feeling of but there's still more more that I need to learn. And so that is what has really helped me to embrace that life boost principle of embracing your inner researcher, always collecting data in order to move forward, to learn more about yourself, when there's a mistake really just ditching judgment and embracing curiosity and thinking, what have I learned about that? How did that experience make me stronger? How am I going to be able to use that in the future? And, that's a big thing that I talk about is imposter syndrome because of my own experience with that. And, she said that I'm sending the foundation of knowledge for this world so that others can learn from me. And, that is absolutely why I created my programs because I've spent, I mean, honestly like 17 plus years, diving deep into these things that I'm so curious about and understanding how our body and brain work and. Um, and now I've been able to put that into the one-year mentorship, where it's a combination of coaching and self guided courses and access to my entire website, where you just have endless resources to support you no matter what you're experiencing in life. So you can always move forward. So then my, the second number I have is number threewhich is the experimenter. And that's that I live life by trial and error. Um, kind of like what we're talking about and that can lead to perfectionism she said because of that fear of failure. Big time that was what happened for me. I was just totally held back by fear of failure. I didn't want to fail. And that held me back until I was able to overcome that trauma response. And, that flight mode that I had been programmed for to become a vet. And that path towards trying to just do everything I thought I should. And it leading me to burn out. When I allowed myself to stop judging myself for being in that place of feeling like I had made a huge life mistake and I allowed myself to get curious about what I really needed and to learn from that. That is when my life totally changed. And she said that my mistakes are a for the deepest wisdom. And I do really feel like that. You know, I used to just. Deeply regret becoming a vet. And now I see how that was so important in my journey. I, if I hadn't experienced that and gone down that path, I would never have the wisdom that I have now. And I wouldn't be seeing how things can be changed like in the veterinary profession or in our approach to wellbeing and health. I would never have been able to have this perspective if I hadn't lived it. And had that failure. And so, she said I'm here to fail forward and to make mistakes so that I can learn. And I, I absolutely do believe now that life is about pushing yourself out there, you know, being bold and courageous and risky, like following those things that light up my heart in that way. And just remembering that if I push too hard, or if there's a mistake, Now as long as I am embracing curiosity, I'm going to get something really valuable about that. And it's going to be okay. Because I'm not judging myself. I know that I have my own back now. No matter what happens and knowing that I always have a good intention. Um, that has been really huge for me. And she said, basically just need to have that like fuck around and find out approach, which I really live by now. That saying just helps me to be playful. And as a reminder of just like, you know, Just see. This is my life. Just see what happens. Find out and then decide what I want to do from there. So the profile too, I think Yvonne now has a masterclass that you can get that does go over your profile type and I thought I got a lot out of that cause that was just so true. About the way that i operate. And well, now both of those feel really true to me even like a few years ago, if you had asked me that. That the second number that three of having to, um, like live by trial and error that wouldn't have really. Registered as true to me because I was stuck in that flight mode that perfectionism and fear of failing. And so that's, I think one of the really valuable things about human design is that it's really about getting down to who you are at the core and deconditioning yourself from all of those tendencies, um, or beliefs that you pick up from society that may be holding you back from being able to show up and experience life in the way that helps you to feel most fulfilled. And so it's interesting that I have done so much work to be deconditioning myself from all of that and freeing myself and recovering from the perfectionism. And so now I am really embracing that and loving it. But, um, yeah, so I'll just be really interested if you share what, what type or your chart, what you are, if that sounds true to you. And maybe if it doesn't then maybe that can be something to just get curious about and embrace a little bit more into play around with to see if that helps you to feel like like you start to be experiencing life in a way that feels really fulfilling and energizing there really was so much information packed into the reading that I did with her. So I'm going to do just a couple more quick things. Um, One was that for my channel of initiation. Um, It was like a death and rebirth. So. It's said that life can lead to like life shaking, initiations and I definitely do feel like with my life there was like a death and rebirth. I followed this entire path. My entire identity was tied to being a veterinarian. And then there was that, that death of that version of me in order to step into a new version of me and. She said that, um, that my the energy is here to initiate people. I send ripples to put people out on new paths. Um, and I stir that in people. She said there was like a gate of shock. So basically like I can, I see some things that shock people into action. Sometimes and push people out of there comfort zone and the shock and jolt into discomfort is so that you can evolve. And it's always going towards that universal love that's in my chart. And so I'm here to like shake up others and introduce new perspectives to lead to more universal love. And, um, it's so interesting because definitely, I mean, the things that I talk about aren't normal, right? I talk all about breaking the norm because the norm just doesn't work the norm to be sick, overweight, and unhappy. And I have experienced so many. Shocks and like, That's an rebirth in my life. And each of those shocks kind of is what has led me down the rabbit hole. And that is. What has helped me to. I feel like I can really clearly see what has led us to at the root of where we are now, where the norm is to be sick, overweight, and unhappy. I see so clearly why that's happening and solutions. And I think the things that I say are not what you're hearing and mainstream and, and I do find that when people are really willing to listen and sit with the things that I share it does have the power to really push you out of your comfort zone. You know, that norm, that just feels so automatic and routine, even if it's not feeling. Maybe leading to feeling the way that you want to when your body it feels safe. Right? And I do think that I tend to, um, Push people onto new paths. So that is very much aligned with what I said at the beginning of the episode of having that purpose of helping people to find new direction. Um, it was really, she said like those shocks are like mini deaths to be initiated on a new path and perspective. If that is a topic that interests you, then check out episode 54 of my podcast. It's called when releasing parts of your identity is necessary to step into the truest version of you. But I do talk a lot about kind of parts of me that I had to leave behind in order to step into kind of the version that I am now. And. That is. I mean that, that game changer course that I have. That's basically why that is now the foundation for any program. If you are doing the one-year mentorship, you go through the game changer program first. And even for my one-on-one clients, I have them going through that because that is all about shedding the. The things that you no longer want to be carrying around with you. And I share new perspectives and ways to be looking at yourself and your circumstances. We dive deep into things like trauma responses and helping you to start looking at your habits and a new more compassionate and curious way in order to get clear on what is this new path that you want to go on? That is going to feel so good. And then I guess the last thing to share from this, because there just was so much, um, Was that I am a listener and storyteller and here to witness and then have like a quiet leadership and. That I need to have time. I need. Time to have solitude. in order to reflect on past experiences. Um, Which is so true, you know, I now think of myself as like an extroverted introvert. I love. Genuine connections with people and being around people really energizes me. Um, At the same time. I really need time on my own, like I've said, throughout this to recharge. And that's when I am able to just like, reflect on everything that I've observed and. I used to have a lot of shame about, you know, being the quiet one, like in class or in big groups, more being the one who's listening, but I do now I'm comfortable with that. Like it depends on in groups sometimes I'm really talkative and other times I'm just taking it in. But those times when I am just observing, um, I take a lot. I get a lot out of it. And I think by. By observing so much in my environment and in our society. That is what has helped me to see how we can be changing things and that time on my own to recharge is really so important. And the last thing, was that I have like a collection of memories that need an audience. Um, an invitation to dialogue to share my depth of knowledge and past experiences and reflections. And that happens most when I give myself time to reflect and to distill the knowledge that I have into wisdom and storytelling, and that I need an audience that recognizes me and wants to hear my stories and, I should be selective about the stories that I share, because they're meant to contribute to society. I'm here to pass on my wisdom and my mistakes to help our society to develop. Um, so. I guess with that. If you're here and listening to this, you are willing to listen to my story and that really just means so much to me. I hope that you know, that when you're listening to this. It just, it makes my heart so happy that you have decided to spend some of your time with me and if you at all feel drawn to it, please reach out to me because those genuine connections with others. I really like. And I won't, I promise not to shock your system unless that's what you're wanting. Um, but if you are ready for change, just wanting to really be following the path in life that is just lighting you up. That feels like the truest version of you. My path has not been straightforward and I have had to have those times that have shocked me and led to those rebirths and had fails that I can learn from and all of that was so that i could be at this point now sharing what i learned from those experiences and so that i can pass them on to you so that you can maybe find your path that feels fulfilling. Faster than I did. Um, and just to have clarity on, on what helps you to feel so good and energized inside and out. So, let me know what you think about this. Um, I thought it was so interesting. And let me know if you're going to like, do one of the masterclasses. If you do get your chart, I would love to hear like what type are you? What's your profile? I really love hearing about that. And I'd be really curious if it feels so true to you as well. Like for me, everything I just felt like, yes, that is exactly how I operate. And the interesting thing is that I've. On my path. I gradually just learned all of those things about me, but it's really interesting. Wondering if I had had a reading like 15 years ago, how that may have changed things and it is just in general. The thing that I have found is on this path of really tuning into and partnering with my body and gaining the lessons from it and listening to what it's telling me. I have naturally been able to make changes that are supported by a lot of other things. So, I mean by that is like, yes, for the human design that was one thing that really sounded true and it makes sense of why I feel so much, like I am living my purpose because so much of what she shared. I was like, yes, yes. That's what I'm doing now. But even like, with my functional medicine doctor, they did this whole genetic panel. Looking at my health and tendencies of like the food that would work best for me, or like exercise or even vitamin deficiencies and that type of thing. And the very interesting thing is that I had evolved to naturally be doing all those things that they said I was genetically or the way that my body was kind of wired. Um, the interesting thing was that was totally what I was doing. And so it's just another reminder, um, of how, when you are, our bodies just have so much wisdom. And it's just that we are taught not to listen. And when you do really start getting curious about why you're exhausted. You know, what are the things in your life that are draining your energy? Why? What helps you to feel alive? What are the moments in your life that you feel most alive and fulfilled? And really getting to the root of like, of why and what helps you to feel good. It's um, it's so interesting and it's nice that we have all these tools if you're wanting some things to help you to really get jump-started and connect with that even more. So let me know if it, if this, um, if you're type also really resonates with you. And thanks for being here. Cheers to your inevitable health happiness and success


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