The Three Levels Of Your Wellness Journey


The health and diet industries are drooling with the New Year.

You're about to be bombarded with messages pressuring you to detox, diet, and workout to the extreme. It's perpetuating a vicious cycle that's preventing you from truly achieving what you want: a healthy lifestyle that feels effortless.

When it comes to making healthy changes, there are 3 levels that we need to talk about.

Most people stay stuck between 1 and 2…their ENTIRE life. That sucks, because Level 3 is truly amazing. I know, because I’m living there. I *really* want you to join me. 

Let’s go over the levels, where are your right now? Zero judgement!

Most people are at Level 1 and 2, because that’s exactly where our society has programmed them to be. Our society at large only believes in 1 and 2. That’s super sad and has led us to our current state: overweight, stressed, and unhappy.


Level 1: I'll Start...Tomorrow  

In Level 1, you WANT to make healthy changes. You don’t like where you are, and you know you SHOULD make changes. And you’re going to! But, tomorrow… For whatever reason, today isn’t an ideal day to start. 

  • Life is too busy
  • You need to save money
  • You need time to prepare
  • You don’t have the energy
  • It feels too hard
  • You’re waiting for more discipline and willpower
  • You’re waiting for a better time, like after the holidays or your vacation or that party…

By saying “tomorrow”, you feel like you have a plan. Yet, in many cases, “tomorrow” never comes. Some people stay stuck in Level 1 their entire life because saying “tomorrow” is easier and more comfortable than taking action today.

Level 1 feels uncomfortable but safe.

Level 2: The Bandwagon  

You’ve likely been here before! When you hop on the bandwagon, you’re making really awesome healthy changes! You start seeing results. You feel stronger, you like what you see when you look in the mirror, you feel energized and more confident, and damn it feels good! 

But…it’s hard. There’s a part of you that worries you could fall off at any time. 

You feel good eating your salads and the healthy meals that you’ve prepped. You’ve even found some healthy food and a workout plan you enjoy. But, let’s be honest, it’s exhausting and a lot of work! There’s a lot of discipline and willpower involved, and there are temptations everywhere

  • Your friends invite you to a fun night out
  • Your office always has candy and donuts 
  • After a busy day of work you just want to order pizza or Chinese 
  • Your family all goes out for ice cream

Even though you feel good (and people may even be commenting on how great you look!), there’s a tiny feeling of resentment and missing out. 

There’s still a part of you that views the food other people around you are enjoying as better and your old habits as more fun. When life gets stressful, busy, exciting, hard, sad, etc., you reach a point when you’re tired of “being good”. You need a break and a “cheat meal” or two...  The comfort and ease you can get from going back to your old ways eventually takes over and you slip back into Level 1. 

Other people stay in Level 2 forever. Some are even coaches or have created exercise or diet plans. Our society is ALL ABOUT the bandwagon. The diet culture thrives on Level 2 - people are always hopping on and off the bandwagon in a perpetual cycle. If you see words like “cheat”, “discipline”, “willpower”, “diet”, or “detox”, that’s a clear sign you’re signing up for Level 2. 

Level 2 feels fragile.


Level 3: The Life Boost

Your life changes forever. You've ditched the bandwagon so you’re never afraid of falling off. You feel empowered with clarity, confidence, and energy. Your healthy lifestyle requires minimal effort and you no longer have to rely on willpower or discipline. You do things because you WANT to, not because you SHOULD. 

You have let go of the beliefs that had been holding you back and you embrace a new norm. You have a clear understanding of the food and habits that help you thrive, and you love them!

Even when there's something about yourself that you want to improve, your actions stem from a foundation of respect, support, and nourishment for your body and mind instead of judgement and punishment. The confidence, comfort, and energy you have cause an incredible ripple effect not just on your health, but in all aspects of your life in ways that continue to surprise you. 

The past feelings of resentment and missing out have vanished. Now when you see others stuck in Level 1 and 2, you just desperately want them to level up because you know how much better they could feel! 

At Level 3, you feel empowered and in control. 

You Don't Magically Appear At The Life Boost  

If you’re reading about The Life Boost thinking there’s no way that’s possible for you, that’s "Tomorrow" or The Bandwagon. It may sound magical, but it can 100% be your reality.

In order to make it to The Life Bost, you need to want it. You're also going to need to spend a little time in Level 2 as you start making changes, creating habits, and learning to listen to your body. 

I don’t care what food you grew up with, how many diets you’ve tried, or how crazy your life is right now, The Life Boost is possible for you if you put in the work and you want to get there.  

When you see people who make it look easy to live a super healthy lifestyle and you wish it was that easy for you, it can be. You’re just stuck in Level 1 or 2 and as long as you’re there it WILL be harder. 


How To Level Up


Yes, living a healthy lifestyle is “easy” for me now. The Life Boost is my norm, but I definitely wasn’t born this way. I grew up like you having Eggos, Pop-tarts, and bagels for breakfast and celebrating with sweet treats and drinks. Even when I started paying attention to fitness and nutrition and lost weight (I used to be 30# heavier), I stayed stuck on the Bandwagon for a LONG time. Here’s how I made the jump:

  • I learned to listen to my body by addressing each of the Life Boost B’s (Brain, Belly, Blood sugar) and prioritizing the 3 L’s (Love, Lifestyle, Longterm)
  • I reprogrammed my beliefs around food and exercise that had been so deeply ingrained in me by society
  • I started caring more about my body and mind instead of worrying about what others thought of me

The Life Boost can be the new norm, but it’s going to take a long time for our society to catch on and to start delivering the right messages. Luckily, you don’t have to wait. I’m here to show you what’s possible.  

What level are you right now and where do you want to be?

If you’re in Level 1, you have the opportunity right now to take action and Level up to 2 with my free guide 7 day guide. You'll get simple exercises to do each day to start learning about your body and mind and have a clear understanding of what steps you need to take next. 

If you’re in Level 2, let’s talk about how to get you into Level 3 forever. Send me a message or check out my programs

Cheers to your inevitable health, happiness, and success!


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