How to Start Taking Control of Your Sugar Cravings

sugar cravings

Are you feeling like this year hasn't been the best opportunity to love the way you're feeling in your body and mind? With everyone suddenly working from home, not being able to go to the gym, isolated from friends and family, and just a *teensy* bit stressed it's not surprising that the "Quarantine 15"...or 20...has become a thing.

And now we're heading into the holidays! We're entering the time of year when temptations and indulgences abound and health goals take a back seat. The good news is we're making it out of 2020. How do you want to feel going into 2021?

I want you to enter 2021 feeling confident in your body, energized, and motivated to tackle whatever's in store. It's so important that you enjoy yourself during the holidays, but I want you to feel in control. In general, this year has been kind of out of control, no? I want to help you with one thing you can start to get a handle on: sugar cravings.

There will no doubt be endless sweet treats available the next few months. I want to help make sure that you're savoring the treats you have instead of being dragged along for the ride by your sweet tooth. Relying on willpower alone is not a fair fight. What IS effective is starting to understand your sugar cravings so that you can address the root causes and be empowered to come up with a game plan.

This video covers 6 common causes of sugar cravings so you can take the first step towards making it through this holiday season in control and ready for a fresh start and new year.

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6 Common Causes of Sugar Cravings:

  1. You're consuming a lot of sugar (more than you might realize). This literally influences the way your brain is firing making it incredibly difficult to not cave into your cravings.
  2. There's an imbalance somewhere else in your life (sleep, stress, relationships, your career, etc.) and food is serving as a reward, comfort, or energy boost to compensate.
  3. You're thirsty! Don't underestimate the power of staying hydrated.
  4. You're not completely removing remnants of the taste of something you recently ate. You may not be aware of the lingering taste, but your brain is and it wants more.
  5. There's an imbalance in your diet and your body is lacking nutrients that it needs.
  6. It's a habit to always eat something sweet at a certain time or place. For example, you always have a treat right after dinner or while watching a movie.

Which of these cravings applies to you?!

To start taking control of your sugar cravings today start by noting the amount of added sugar that you're consuming. Check the food labels on savory foods like crackers, salsa, pasta sauce, packaged meats, and condiments to see how much sugar you might be consuming without even realizing it. Use my free "Life Boost Weight Buster Guide" if you aren't already to uncover the other roadblocks getting in the way of your success!

Cheers to your health, success, and a happy holiday season! <3


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