Friday Favorites #23: ALDI finds, an Amazon Prime Show, and a Burpee Challenge


Happy Friday! Once again I'm stopping by to share some of the things I'm loving this week. As always, I'd love to hear what things made you smile in the comments. Thanks for stopping by. <3

ALDI's Pineapple Jalapeño Hummus

ALDI hummus

I spotted this Pineapple Jalapeño hummus at ALDI this week in the little chilled area where they put fun products that are only around for a limited time. You know where I'm talking about? I love that spot, because I'm all about fun new things to try. Pretty sure Matt dislikes that area for the same reason. I get distracted.

Matt's an efficient grocery shopper: in and out, blinders on. I'm an efficient peruser. Yes, I made that up. I move through the store pretty quickly, but I also need to keep an eye out for anything new to try. Otherwise where's the fun in grocery shopping? If I go to a grocery store I don't get to visit frequently like Trader Joes, that's a different story. Nothing about that shopping trip is efficient. Serious question: How do you go into Trader Joes and not look at every single thing they have? So. many. interesting. products.

Pretty sure Matt does not share my enthusiasm for the Costco opening up in our town next month. I hear they have samples so really my introduction to Costco could be a day-long event. I feel like after these past few paragraphs you either totally get me or think it would be a total nightmare grocery shopping with me.

veggie bowl of goodness with ALDI pineapple jalapeño hummus
Veggie bowl of goodness: Roasted summer squash, green peppers, and onions with steamed broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, pan seared tilapia, and ALDI pineapple jalapeño hummus

Remember how this was supposed to be about hummus... back to that! The flavor instantly attracted me because ALDI's pineapple jalapeño jelly is the absolute best addition to a cheese board. It's sweet with just a little heat and just overall perfection. This hummus is in that same boat. It has a great pineapple flavor that works with the hummus and just enough heat to make me a little nervous when I get a piece of jalapeño but tolerable. For reference I'm a "mild" salsa eater because I like to not singe my taste buds. The hummus has been an awesome addition to veggie bowls and salads this week and adds an unexpected and unique flavor punch.

GT Synergy Spring Edition Kombucha

GT synergy spring edition kombucha

This kombucha is everything. You can find it in the same little wonderful section of ALDI as the hummus above (and likely loads of other grocery stores). I love all of the GT Synergy kombucha flavors, but the spring edition "Bloom" is so unique and delightful. It's made with elderflower, jasmine, and violet (and "100% pure love!!!" according to the label). I'm 100% in love with the flavor combo. Definitely give it a try if you see it!



Last weekend's forecast was a whole lot of rain. My plants were happy and I was a little bit antsy. However, that weather did make for a good opportunity for Matt and I to finish Season 1 of Hanna on Amazon Prime. It's a good one!

The show is a little bit sci-fi meets action packed-thriller with a tiny dash of coming of age. Not what I would typically think I'd love, but it kept both Matt and me guessing and intrigued throughout the season. It's about a quiet, bad-ass girl who was raised in a forest in order to hide from the CIA. The show mostly focuses on what happens when she decides to leave the forest and enters the real world trying to figure out her real story. Her character is quirky, independent, lacking certain social skills, and captivating. Definitely worth a watch!

100 Burpee Challenge

Daniella Chinitz's Instagram account continues to deliver awesome workout inspiration. This week: burpees! 100 of them! Last Saturday I started my workout with her 100 Burpee Challenge. It was a fun way to get my heart rate up and my body moving in preparation for the rest of the workout.

There's a chance you might not think burpees and fun go together. BUT after 10 burpees you get to change to a different type of burpee so it flies by and keeps you interested (or at least it kept me interested) the entire time. I get that burpees are a love 'em or hate 'em kind of thing, but I'm pretty sure if you try this you'll at least love the feeling you get at the end. You'll also get a full body strength and cardio workout all in one. Worth it.

What are your favorite ALDI products?

What's a new show on Amazon Prime or Netflix that you're loving?

What's your grocery shopping style?

Burpees: love them or hate them?


Terry Pinkston

You and I have very similar grocery shopping styles, although I'm browsing for whatever I might need for the week that wasn't on my list. Matt takes after his Dad and goes only for what's on the list; in and out - the quicker, the better. Very sad. As far as the burpees go, I am not a fan, variations or not. I burpeed out in Houston. I don't know that we have an ALDI close by, but I am a fan of your elderberry combucha! Thank you for giving one up for me. The hummus sounds delicious. Pretty flower pictures! I am about to embark on the yard - tree removals and trims, rain garden installation, and native grasses/flowers/shrubs. Hopefully, the summer (all of 2 months) won't be too brutal.
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Thanks for playing along with the questions :-) Good luck with your yard and garden! I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. This weekend I created a pineapple jalapeño dip (inspired by the hummus flavor) that Matt and I both found pretty addicting. I think I'll share that recipe soon. I'll have to make more to take photos because we ate most of it, haha.
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Annie Wright

Cannot agree more on grocery shopping style! Favorite lidl product WAS the organic banana chips until I looked at the nutrition facts and saw they’re literally worse for you than eating a serving of raw cookie dough 😂 Also, when your Costco opens up, look for the coconut pumpkin seed clusters. They’re sooooo good.
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Banana chips are so deceiving! That makes me feel I need to try creating a healthier version with my dehydrator or air fryer... Also, those clusters from Costco sound amazing. They open this Wednesday so hopefully I can track those down soon!
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