My Latest Workout Playlist + An Awesome Weekend Workout

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Music is such an awesome way to naturally boost energy and enhance workout performance. I workout first thing in the morning, and sometimes I'm still half asleep when I'm starting my workout. Often I listen to podcasts (I'll be sharing one I'm currently obsessed with on Friday). But on the mornings when I'm dragging despite coffee I put on a good workout playlist and it instantly boosts my mood.

For a while, I was in a workout music rut because I wasn't in love with the playlists I was getting from Pandora and Spotify's workout stations. Some of the songs were good, but a lot of them were pretty meh. When I'm working out, I want every song to give me tons of energy. I finally put together my own workout playlist, and it makes me happy every time I listen to it. I also can't help but dance around in-between exercises, so it's like a natural cardio boost, too!

In case you've been searching for some new workout music, I'm sharing my playlist below.

My April Workout Playlist

Monday through Friday I typically do Alexia Clark workouts. Sundays are an active rest day with yoga and a long walk (sadly still taking a break from running). BUT on Saturdays, I'm on my own to come up with a workout to do. Lately, I've been loving the exercises that PaleOMG and Natacha Oceane have been sharing on Instagram.

On Saturday, I combined some of the workouts PaleOMG shared to put together an epic 60 minute workout that was a great combination of HIIT and strength. I was in a super good mood and very chatty after (lucky Matt), which I'll take as a sign of a good workout. Check out all the details of the workout below. You can click on the links to see PaleOMG's videos demonstrating the moves.

PaleOMG 60 Minute HIIT and Strength Workout

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds - 30/20/10 Reps (Decrease # of reps per round)

  1. Double kettlebell swings
  2. Low skater lunges
  3. Drop lunge with rotation
  4. Burpee Pops

Jump rope x 200

Circuit 2: 3x

  1. Bear hold kettlebell pull through x 20
  2. Single leg deadlift to kettlebell row x 8/side
  3. Suitcase swings x 20
  4. Landmine lunge to press x 12/side (I did a dumbbell press instead of using a landmine)
  5. Skater squats x 8/side

Circuit 3: 4x 30 sec on/5 sec rest

  1. Plank jack to oblique twist
  2. Lunge switch feet
  3. Single leg high knees (L)
  4. Single leg high knee (R)
  5. Hands down fast feet
  6. Star jump twist

What workout stations do you love?

What's your current favorite workout song? I'm always looking for new ones!

What kind of workouts are you loving lately?



These look great! Thanks for the ideas!
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I hope you like the workout! I think you'll love some of the songs on the playlist and others not so much :-)
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