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What would your life be like if healthy didn't feel hard?

Give me two months and I'll show you. 

Never want to count calories again?


Tired of relying on discipline and willpower?

No prob, that's not sustainable anyway.

Feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked?

Welcome! You've come to the right place.


Losing weight and getting healthy doesn't have to feel so hard and confusing despite what our society makes you think.

Your entire life, you’ve been taught that junk food is more desirable than healthy food.

Cake is for celebrating.

Pizza is for parties.

Cookies are for comfort.

Ice cream is to cheer you up.

Alcohol is for relief at the end of a long day.

Candy is a reward for doing something good.

Broccoli is….what your mom made you eat in order to get dessert. 😑


Of course you think you want pizza over salad! Remember how Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell? They associated the bell with food.

You’ve associated the end of dinner with dessert.

You’ve associated the end of work with a glass of wine.

You’ve associated parties with sweets.

Your brain EXPECTS these things and has been programmed to believe they’re more desirable than a healthier alternative. 

But what if you started to make a different connection?

  • What if you associated pizza with feeling bloated, lethargic, and gassy all afternoon? Not quite as sexy, right? 
  • What if you associated a big nourishing salad with feeling energized, lean, and confident? Sounds a lot more appealing, no?  

It's not you.

You’ve been bombarded with messages that being healthy is less fun your entire life, there are temptations EVERYWHERE you look, and everyone around you has been conditioned with the same beliefs (it's the norm). 

Right now, many of your behaviors, traits, tendencies, and likes/dislikes are a product of the environment you’ve grown up in.

The food you’ve eaten, the people you’ve been around, the behaviors you’ve been rewarded for, traumatic and stressful events you’ve encountered, and the messages and rules you’ve been taught have all influenced the way you show up in life.

At every step, your body and mind have done what they thought they needed to in order to survive, fit in, and be successful.

Yet at some point, you may have started feeling out of control in some (or multiple) areas of your life.

You may be at a point where you’re frustrated with yourself or your body.

Our society has led you to believe it’s your fault. If you just tried harder or had more discipline and willpower you wouldn’t be where you are.

That’s bull shit. It’s not you.

You’ve been doing an amazing job trying to navigate all that life throws at you.

You don’t need to try harder, you need space to take a deep breath and do a reset.

Your body doesn’t need to be pushed and judged more, it needs your love and respect.

Your body has been trying really hard to keep up. It has even tried telling you that something’s not working (in the form of cravings, low energy, weight gain, headaches, GI signs, or constant anxiety), but up until now society taught you not to listen.

It's time to start listening to your body.

It's time to stop being on your best behavior. This program provides a safe space where you can let your guard down and start practicing being your real, honest, vulnerable, authentic self.

You'll shed the extra weight, judgement, and exhaustion that have been weighing you down while gaining a whole new energizing and sustainable lifestyle where you show up comfortable and confident in your body. Most of all, you'll start seeing the amazing human that you are.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to finally start getting the sustainable results you want:

  1. Address the thoughts and beliefs that have been getting in the way of sustainable health and weight loss in the past. Don't have time to make healthy meals? Feel like you've tried it all and nothing works? Have you always had a sweet tooth?  Too busy to focus on your health? We're going to work through all of that. 
  2. Help you to finally feel in control of your body and to understand, once and for all, what foods work best for you. The only way to find the "perfect diet" is to learn how to listen to your own body - I'll show you how. Hint: We're going to ditch the whole "diet" and "being good" thing.
  3. Make it feel doable even though you're busy! No more postponing and waiting for the perfect time when all the stars are (temporarily) aligned to prioritize you. You need energy the most when life feels overwhelming. It doesn't have to be hard, you just need to do things differently. I'll show you how. 

With the Life Boost Jumpstart Program, you'll  accomplish all three of those. 

Here's A Glimpse Of The Life Boost Jumpstart Program:


Phase 1 is all about setting you up for success and establishing a baseline. You'll have time to reflect on where you are , where you want to be, and WHY your goals are important to you. You'll have time to look through the resources, work through and acknowledge worries and fears about the program, connect with others in the group, and grocery shop so that you feel ready physically and mentally for Phase 2! 


During Phase 2, your body and mind get a major reset so that your brain and body can start playing on the same team. Here's how we accomplish that:

  1. Life Boost Body Vacation: You'll give your body a vacation away from foods and drinks that most commonly contribute to undesirable signs (GI issues, headaches, brain fog, etc) and that make it hard for your body to clearly communicate with you in a way you can trust. You'll nourish your body and mind with delicious real food in a way that feels doable for your lifestyle. This may sound intimidating but clients are consistently surprised by how much easier it is than they anticipate (check out the testimonials below). 
  2. Life Boost Toolbox: You'll embrace your inner researcher in order to start treating your body in a loving and respectful way. You'll use a variety of tools to look at your thoughts, beliefs, food, and actions from a whole new perspective.  You'll create habits you feel good about, calm your nervous system, build confidence, boost happiness, and understand what food/meals work best for you. Judgement, people-pleasing, and perfectionism aren't invited to this party. 


During Phase 3, you'll slowly reintroduce foods so that you're empowered with the knowledge about what works for your unique body and mind.  At this point, your tastebuds will be different. Your sugar cravings will be gone. You'll feel in control. You'll realize most of the time you don't want the cake or french fries you used to crave, but when you do you'll enjoy it guilt free. This is where the magic happens for long-term sustainable success!

During the final week, you'll reflect on your experience, celebrate your successes, work through any fears, and come up with a detailed plan that feels good to you continued long-term success. 

Struggling with sugar cravings?

This could be you within 2 months. 

Here's what Life Boost Jumpstart graduates had to say!

How does this program compare to other things you've tried in the past?

"It doesn’t. It’s so beyond different and wonderful; I love that it doesn’t focus on calories and weight loss, but the lifestyle choices and changes that will ultimately lead to weight loss (delicious nourishing foods, plants, exercise, happiness boosts, decreasing stress, etc)."

"A lot more “mind” work in this program which is really important. 90% of it is mental and you get that right."

"This was the first program I’ve ever done. Before it, I just made it up as I went and that no longer served me."

“It feels more sustainable. Instead of weight loss by sheer determination I’m desiring a healthier overall lifestyle.” 


What were you worried about before starting the program?

“I was most worried about all the prep work it would take. I was wrong. I have a system now….I don’t feel so rushed in the mornings now.”

“That I would still hate cooking, and find it difficult and tedious to fit in to my schedule. This was so not true! I actually enjoy cooking and it’s SO easy, especially with the right staples in my kitchen!”

“That this would not work to help me lose the weight I’ve been holding onto since my treatments, since nothing else has worked. I have lost some weight, I feel leaner and more comfortable, I have more energy (and look forward to even more as I continue to work with my body)! 

“The investment wouldn’t be worth it. It was SO WORTH IT. For so many reasons <3”

“I was worried I’d be unable to maintain any of the changes and also that I wouldn’t be able to “survive” the food vacation. Now I know it was not only possible, but not that hard.”


What surprised you? 

“I don’t need to rely on willpower to make healthy choices”

“How easy it is to maintain this lifestyle”

“The food vacation is possible….and not that hard”

“Recognizing why I eat what I eat is huge for me. I was a product of my environment that made me crave all the sweets and carbs. Now I still eat some, but by choice…not addiction.”

“Comfort food is no comfort. My go to foods when under stress didn’t relieve any stress and made life more difficult. Being able to walk away from those is big.”

“This has been an interesting journey. You helped me recognize the reasons I eat more than just what I eat. You helped my recognize the amount that stress contributes to everything. This has been a great journey”

“I needed a hobby!”


What would you say to someone on the fence about the Life Boost Jumpstart program?

"Do it! Amelia is one of the most supportive people I have encountered, she knows how to push without pushing, is eager to help you find solutions, and gives lots of personalized help and advice."

"DO IT!!!!!!!!! It changed my life <3 and Amelia is such a lovely human, you will absolutely LOVE working with her!"

"It’s an eye opening experience. Amelia, does a wonderful way of breaking down the science behind food and your body. She’s kind and supportive and realistic. You’ll learn so much about yourself. Also, she’s vulnerable with her clients. She shares her story around stress, food, and not feeling her best. This vulnerability makes her relatable, which held me accountable."

“Do it! I have no regrets”


Who do you think this program would be best for?

"Everyone. But especially those who feel defeated from past weight journeys, and that need a little help getting started, setting up your kitchen for success, setting up your mind for success."

"Busy adults"

“Anyone who wants to understand their body more and desiring improved gi health, weight loss or both”

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to improve my health without losing weight?

No problem! We'll work together to make sure you're getting all the fuel you need to maintain your weight while improving your health, energy, and relationship with your body and food.

Do I need to count calories or macros?

Nope! No calorie counting or macros here. Focusing on the numbers distracts you from tuning into and trusting your own body. I'll show you how to find what works for your unique body in a much more enjoyable way.

Do I have to follow a specific meal plan?

Nope! During the body vacation there are certain foods you'll take a break from, but you won't have specific recipes or meals you have to make. This program is all about creating a new sustainable lifestyle that works for your unique body, preferences, and goals. I help you listen to your body to understand what it needs, and I provide tons of resources and recipes to make that feel totally doable.  

I'm experiencing bloating and other uncomfortable GI signs, will this help?

This program is an amazing place to start when it comes to improving gut health. You can expect to have a significant improvement (and often resolution) in GI signs. Belly is one of the 3 Life Boost B's because gut health influences everything: hormones, immune system, cravings, mood/anxiety, blood sugar, etc. Throughout the program, we will talk about ways to improve gut health and how to identify what was contributing to GI discomfort. Our society tends to be way to hush hush about bathroom habits. This is a safe space where you can speak openly about any embarrassing signs you are experiencing so you can find relief. Send me a message or schedule a complimentary walk and talk if you want to discuss your unique situation and goals. 

What if I don't like vegetables?

Just wait. ;-) 

Will you be having another round in the future? I want to do this but life is too crazy right now...

This is one of the thought patterns we're going to be calling out during the program (that healthy = time consuming and hard). How do you think it would feel if you were supporting and nourishing your body while you're stressed and busy instead of postponing it? What are you prioritizing right now over your health? Is that serving you?

This program isn't about being on your best behavior. This is a safe space to let your guard down and to practice being your real, honest, vulnerable, authentic self. I'll be there every step of the way to help you make changes now instead of when all the stars have aligned (temporarily).

P.s. We're also going to get curious about the thoughts and circumstances that are making life feel so crazy in the first place.

Will I lose weight?

If weight loss is a goal, you can expect to lose weight at a healthy and sustainable rate (graduates lost about 7-20# and continued stable weight loss after the program). HOWEVER, during the first few weeks I encourage you to not step on a scale. The number  on the scale can distract you from tuning into the way you FEEL which is ultimately what matters. I want you to feel energized, satisfied, lean, and comfortable not weak, deprived, and hangry. While losing weight, it's important that you are treating your body in a loving and respectful way. The number on the scale has a tendency to determine how you treat and feel about your body and to ignore your own body's cues. When you learn how to listen to your body and give it what it needs, weight loss will be a wonderful side effect that follows. 

By the end of the program, you can expect to:

  • Ditch your sugar cravings
  • Feel so much more in control of your food choices 
  • Have nourished your body with truly amazing food in a way that feels sustainable
  • Improve your gut health and experience an improvement in GI signs
  • Stabilized your blood sugar for stable energy
  • Understand the impact stress has throughout your body and have clarity on how to partner with your nervous system
  • Start making time for you even though you "don't have time"
  • Have clarity on why all the other things you've tried haven't worked and have a clear plan for how to continue your success long after the program
  • Feel comfortable throwing together super easy and majorly delicious meals
  • Create healthy habits that you actually enjoy
  • Start to overcome the real thoughts and beliefs that have been getting in your way all along
  • Uncovered which foods help you THRIVE and which ones were contributing to random signs like gas, headaches, bloating, skin issues, brain fog, and more
  • Lose weight while feeling satisfied and energized 
  • Start an amazing snowball effect of positive changes in all aspects of your life (ex: start an exercise routine you enjoy, establish boundaries, inspire you family and friends to make healthy changes, etc)

I can’t wait to welcome you to the party!

Want all the details? Here's what's included in the Life Boost Jumpstart Program:

  • Weekly group coaching calls 
  • Access to the community group for continued support, coaching, recipes, and resources 
  • The Life Boost Jumpstart Program Workbook - This is your recipe for success. It's hard to summarize all that's included in this 100+ page document. Just know that it provides all the guidance, resources, and tools you need to work through the thoughts and beliefs that have been getting in your way and to help you become an absolute pro at throwing together quick, delicious, and nourishing meals you love.  
  • Here's a taste:
    • Life Boost Toolbox complete with a variety of exercises and models to help you get to know yourself, problem-solve, and partner with your nervous system
    • My Kitchen Staples for Quick Meals
    • Life Boost Dry Season Survival Guide
    • Easy Nourishing Snack Options
    • BYO Nourishing Salad Bowl
    • BYO Cauliflower Rice Nourish Bowls
    • The Satisfaction Guaranteed Meal Checklist
    • Zucchini, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion, Spaghetti Squash, and Butternut Squash 101
    • Navigate Food Labels: Uncover Imposter Health Foods in 3 Simple Steps
  • The Life Boost Jumpstart Recipe Booklet with 25+ recipes created exclusively for this program

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