Ready for change, but make it low-key and playful (because life is a little extra right now)?

I've got you. Start to unleash the most energized, confident, healthy version of you with

Self-Love Month!

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Ready for change, but make it low-key and playful (because life is a little extra right now)?

I've got you. Start to unleash the most energized, confident, healthy version of you with

Self-Love Month!

Click Here To Start The Fun!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or defeated because you want to be taking better care of yourself but it’s just not happening,

you're not the problem.

There are a lot of reasons that’s totally understandable and it has *nothing* to do with a character flaw or lack of discipline or willpower.

I bet there’s some aspect of your life (physically, mentally, or emotionally) that’s taking up a lot of energy right now.


You've been conditioned to believe your body is an inconvenience or the enemy that needs to be controlled or ignored.

In reality, your body is the one thing in this world 100% devoted to taking care of you and trying to keep you safe (🥹).

Who do you want to trust? 

Self-love month is all about reconnecting with and rekindling your relationship with yourself so that you can start listening to what your body, mind, and heart need to shift out of survival mode and unleash the confident, healthy, energized version of you that is SO ready to come out.

You do that by embracing the 3 Life Boost C's:


If anything in life is feeling frustrating or overwhelming, you have to start "putting your oxygen mask on first" in order for that to change. Self-love month is designed to help you start treating yourself and your body with the love and respect you deserve so you can shift out of survival mode and get off the damn hamster wheel.


If you want something to continue to be a problem, meet it with judgment. If you want to problem-solve, meet it with curiosity. Self-love month is all about embracing curiosity to understand why things have felt hard and what you need in a fun and playful way!


All aspects of your life influence all aspects of your health and vice versa. Everything is connected. As you start listening to your body, mind, and heart, you'll be shocked at the positive ripple effect in your work, relationships, health, and more.

The reason the change you want isn’t happening is likely because you’re stuck in survival mode.

Do one of these sound familiar?


You’re not the type of person who likes to slow down so much so that you tend to prioritize tasks on your to-do list over basic necessities like rest, nourishing food, water, sunlight and fresh air, or movement. Things like meditating and journaling sound kind of like torture and even though you’re tired, you’re proud of how much you accomplish. Rest feels so much better when you’ve earned it.


You tend to get frustrated with yourself or others quickly. Things like someone cutting you off in traffic or a rude client really bother you and it’s hard to let it go. Sometimes you’re embarrassed by how you overreacted to something that wasn’t that big of a deal.


You feel like you’re lazy. Even though you want to make healthy changes, you feel so tired and stressed by the end of the day the last thing you feel like doing is moving your body and you tend turn to alcohol, comfort food, pills, or you stay up too late watching tv or scrolling on social media. A weekend where you don’t have to be around anyone sounds blissful.


You're busy all the time because you feel bad saying "no" to things. It feels so good helping out others and being appreciated and you feel really guilty saying no. You thrive off of praise from others, especially because you worry a lot about not doing well enough at your job or saying something stupid during a conversation or whether your outfit looks good or not. You’re really good at knowing how others are feeling, but not super great at expressing how you’re feeling yourself.

Self-love month is designed to help you to shift out of survival mode so you can start feeling more in control. 

I'm ready to shift out of survival mode

If you have been wanting to make healthy changes but you keep telling yourself "tomorrow" because everything feels overwhelming today, self-love month is for you! 💗

This is also for you if...

  • You know stress is taking a toll on your mental and physical health but you didn't know where to start until now
  • You feel like you're losing sight of who YOU are outside of your career or role as a caregiver
  • Your inner voice is constantly judging you
  • You're in need of some fun and play!
  • You don't remember the last time you did something just for you
  • You and your body aren't BFFs
  • You want to start making healthy changes but you don't want to have to rely on discipline and willpower - you actually want to enjoy your life
  • Life is feeling heavy and you're ready to start feeling a weight lifted off your shoulders 

That's Totally Me, I'm In



Curious to learn more?

If you don't see the answer you're looking for here, just send me an email at

  • A simple routine to do every morning to check in with yourself and identify what you need in order for the day to feel doable
  • A simple evening routine to start programming your brain to see your successes instead of your fails (hint: there are no fails with this approach - just valuable lessons that help you to move forward)
  • Daily morning and evening email reminders to help keep you accountable to make a little time for you (i know you need a nudge..) 

And to keep things playful, we're playing Truth or Dare!

  • Every day, you'll play a game of Truth or Dare! 
  • If you choose truth, you'll have a question/journal prompt. These questions alone will change your life. I know that's a powerful statement, but it's true.
  • If you choose dare, you'll have a little thing to do that is going to add fun, pleasure, or play into your day.
  • Spoiler alert: You're going to want to do both, and you totally can.
  • Feeling intimidated by the game one day? No prob! You'll always have the option to practice managing your nervous system with calming exercises instead so you always have a safe space to turn to. This journey is for you and you can go at whatever pace feels good to you.

BONUS: You'll have anti-anxiety tools to help your body to shift out of survival mode (these work just as quickly as a glass of wine but you can use them anywhere without the hangover) plus a guided meditation that will shift you into a calm state and help you to start connecting with your body's wisdom. As you start becoming a pro at identifying your nervous system state, you're also going to start noticing these patterns in people around you. This shift in perspective is going to be a game changer when it comes to your relationships and interactions with others. 

You can get started! 🎉 This journey is self-paced and all about you.

You’ll receive an email with login info to access my client portal with lots of goodies waiting for you. I’ll walk you through a simple morning and evening routine that will help you to start protecting your energy and sanity while also starting to see the awesome human that you are.

You’ll also have access to your daily truth or dare, anti-anxiety tools to start releasing stress and negative energy that doesn’t belong to you, and a bonus guided meditation/hypnosis to shift into relaxed state and connect with the inner wisdom that you’ve probably been ignoring but are going to have fun getting to know. 

To help to keep you accountable for carving out a little time for you, I’ll send you a morning and evening reminder. If you don’t want to receive those, you’ll have the option to stop them at any time. 

This month you can expect to start:

  • reconnecting with yourself and embracing self-compassion (THIS is the root of everything)
  • understanding your body and nervous system more so that you feel like you're playing on the same team 
  • seeing your successes instead of your fails 
  • making more time for YOU (even if that feels impossible right now)
  • having more fun!

Nope! You have it for a lifetime. 🙌🏻 

While this is called self love month, you have this content forever. That means you can go at whatever pace is right for you. This is meant to be fun, so ditch the perfectionism. The only “right” way of doing this is the way that helps you to feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. This is more than just a month. This is the start of creating the change you’ve been wanting and starting to experience life in a way that feels empowering and gives you resilience regardless of what’s happening around you. 

I call it self-love "month" because you'll have 4 weeks worth of fun truth or dares. 😊

I sure do! I have 3 and 6 month programs available that are all about helping you to achieve your health and success goals in a way that adds pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life rather than draining them (otherwise it totally misses the point, ya know?).

I recommend devoting at least 10-15 minutes per day for the best results, so if that feels like a stretch self-love month is the PERFECT place to start. If you would like to dive deeper and have more support, then you can learn more about my programs and apply here. 


Hi! I’m Amelia, integrative health and life coach and recovered burnt out veterinarian.

My approach combines an evidence-based understanding of how the body and brain work (including the unconscious mind!) while honoring what your heart needs to help you to create real sustainable change that feels like a breath of fresh air. Ready to start making positive changes in your life but make it fun and doable? I created self-love month for you!

Ready to get started?

You're one click away from starting to lift a weight off your shoulders while having some fun. 🙌🏻

Start today, because you know you deserve it's only $30 for more energy and fun and less stress and overwhelm.

I do deserve this!