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Self-Love Month

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Self-Love Month

Exhausted? Frustrated with your body? Need some fun in your life? It’s time for self-love month.

Join me for a month (and beyond!) of reconnecting with and rekindling your relationship with yourself. I see the incredible, brilliant, worthy, beautiful person that you are and it's time you start seeing that version, too.

This month you can expect to start:

  • reconnecting with yourself and embracing self-compassion (THIS is the root of everything)
  • understanding your body and nervous system more so that you feel like you're playing on the same team 
  • seeing your successes instead of your fails 
  • making more time for YOU (even if that feels impossible right now)
  • having more fun!

What's included:

  • A simple routine to do every morning to check in with yourself and identify what you need in order for the day to feel doable
  • A simple evening routine to start programming your brain to see your successes instead of your fails (hint: there are no fails with this approach - just valuable lessons that help you to move forward)
  • Daily reminders to help keep you accountable to make a little time for you (i know you need a nudge..) 
  • Daily truth or dares to add some fun and play into your life

BONUS: You'll have anti-anxiety tools to help your body to shift out of survival mode (these work just as quickly as a glass of wine but you can use them anywhere without the hangover) plus a guided meditation that will shift you into a calm state and help you to start connecting with your body's wisdom. 

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