Which nervous system state are you in?

💗 Safe and social - You feel content - life is good. You're in a relaxed, creative, playful, or social mood and you feel connected to others. Your body feels relaxed and healthy.

✈️  Flight - You're busy or overwhelmed and can't relax. Your mind won't shut off and you feel stressed, anxious, or worried. Your body is tense (check your head, jaw, stomach, neck, back, and pelvis) .

🥊 FightEverything is irritating and you feel frustrated with yourself or those around you. You have a short fuse and your body feels tense (check your head, jaw, stomach, neck, back, and pelvis).

❄️ Freeze/shut down - You feel "lazy" and have no energy or motivation. Your mood is low and you may feel depressed, hopeless, or numb/disconnected to any feelings. You don't want to go anywhere or be around anyone.

If you don't stop to release and let go of stress and negative energy throughout the day, your body will shift into survival mode

😵‍💫 In survival mode, everything feels hard and unsustainable so that you're stuck in the "things will be better as soon as..." mindset.

Ready to change that, but make it low-key and playful because life is kind of extra right now?  

Self-Love Month Was Made For You!

Here are other free resources to help your body to shift out of survival mode:

My Favorite 1 Minute Anti-anxiety Tool

This is my secret weapon for creating positive change! This includes a video showing you the technique and a user manual with 6 specific ways to use it to instantly decease stress, change habits, fall asleep faster, start the day with a more positive mindset, and more. 

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Beat The Burnout

In this 4-part video series for vet professionals, you'll learn tools and concepts to decrease stress, overcome bullying (from clients and in the way you treat yourself), support your energy and start establishing boundaries, and what hospitals can do to create an environment where it’s convenient to thrive.   

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Listen To My "Life Boost with Amelia" Podcast

This is packed with tips on thriving in and outside of veterinary medicine. Check out Episode 20: "Supporting Your Body On Really Hard Days".

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Beat The Burnout Facebook Support Group

All veterinarians and veterinary students are welcome to join this group! This a safe and supportive space where you can come just to know you're not alone and to talk about what's feeling hard or to receive support and advice if you're looking for that.

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True health and success add pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life - that means that the approach towards your goals shouldn't drain them. 

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All aspects of your life influence all aspects of your health and vice versa. In order to create real change that lifts a weight off your shoulders, you have to look at how everything is connected.

My approach combines an evidence-based understanding of how the body and brain work (including the unconscious mind), while honoring what your heart needs to create a sustainable approach and lifestyle that gives you more energy than it drains.

What my clients are saying:

“In the first month of working with Amelia, I have noticed drastic changes in my life, body, and mental health. Prior to working with Amelia, I was burnt out, stressed veterinarian who would indulge in foods not healthy for me because I felt like I didn’t have time to cook healthy food. I’ve learned how to look at food labels and determine what foods would agree with my body the best. I’ve learned a bunch of new healthy recipes that I love and am no longer craving unhealthy tater tot’s or ice cream! 

Before looking at my work schedule and appointments days before would give me anxiety, affect my home and sleep life if there was a difficult surgery  on my schedule. I’ve now learned various calming techniques that I use on a daily basis to keep my stress at bay. I look forward to going to work again and being able to take on the day with a new mindset that does not bring negativity. My fiancé has even noticed my new mindset and seen how much my stress and anxiety has decreased since starting the Life Boost program!” - Katie 

I happened to see a blog written by Amelia (shared by AAHA or AVMA?), and remembered her shadowing at the hospital I started working at after vet school - such a small world! I read the post, started exploring some of her other blog posts, her website, social media posts, etc — I was feeling burnt out as a vet through COVID, had been through so many medical challenges, food sensitivities, divorce, etc. I decided to reach out to her, I was so proud of all she was doing relating to vet well-being, burn out, self care, building an enjoyable, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. And I needed help. I started with her LifeBoost Jump Start program - which was SO helpful, and decided to continue working with her 1-on-1. It was life changing. I honestly wish I could keep her as a coach lifelong! I wasn’t sure at first how coaching would go, I had worked with nutritionists and therapists previously, but Amelia is different. She focuses on everything - diet, mindset, boundaries, stress- and she understands the specific stressors of being a veterinarian, which is SO helpful. She is truly an incredible human, so warm, kind, intelligent, and incredibly talented. I’m so glad to have reconnected with her <3” - Sara

Hi! I’m Amelia. 

As an integrative health and life coach and recovered burnt out veterinarian, I'm here to help you unleash your most confident, energized, healthy self in a way that feels like a breath of fresh air (no more feeling stuck on a hamster wheel- working hard, yet exhausted and not where you want to be).

My name means “industrious”, and that drive to work hard is a good summary of what led me to the lowest and highest points in my life. The difference was in the way I was supporting my energy and treating myself. 

At my lowest point, I was burnt out, exhausted, and deeply regretting my decision to become a veterinarian. 😞 

At my highest point - where I am now - I’ve recovered from burn out, learned how to work WITH my body instead of against it, and allowed myself to be the multi-passionate human that I am because my nervous system and inner critic are no longer holding me back.

Having to experience all of those really hard things and low points in my life is why I created my coaching programs and free resources, and it's why I’m really good at helping my clients not only achieve their original goals (like decreasing stress, taking better care of themselves, eating better, losing weight, etc.), but also helping them achieve something even better:

A new way of experiencing life in a way that feels so much gentler, kinder, empowering, fulfilling, and energizing. 

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